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We will post City of San Marcos results as they are released this evening by the elections administrator. Polls close at 7 p.m. 

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4 thoughts on “Election 2014: San Marcos Live Election Results

  1. I think the voters sent a clear message that they do not want big business interests to trump homeowners and neighborhoods. I also think the mayor was sent a message that while he still enjoys popular support, he took some positions that weren’t as well liked. He didn’t really sail into office and could have been in trouble had there been a stronger challenger with a more organized campaign, Good for Jane and John. We really have a strong council able to focus on the needs of everyone.

  2. Daniel carried more than 60% of the vote in a 3 person race — that is super strong. It is a good deal better than Susan back in her 3 person reelection race years ago where we had to pay for that silly runoff. The more you dig down, the stronger the performance is. You can safely assume all of Becak’s voters voted for Daniel, so that means 1200 of the folks that voted for Hughson broke and voted for Daniel. Daniel drew 695 more votes than JT, and I would say that Daniel’s collective challengers were about as strong as JT’s opponent.

    I cannot explain away Hughson’s win. I just am left to hope Hughson will resemble the moderate Hughson of prior decades more than campaign Hughson.

  3. Really? You nailed the mayor’s problem when you said Becak voters went for Daniel. IMHO he sold out the constituents who were counting upon him, especially those near Cape’s Camp. Davis certainly ran a more vigorous campaign that the mayor’s opponents, again IMHO.

  4. Thanks for saying what you did, Kathy! The reason that Hughson won is really pretty simple, Skeptical: voters are tired of whores who sell them out to SMABOR, TREPAC and out-of-town developers. Ten percent above plurality isn’t that strong of a showing when you consider that a) Guerrero didn’t have that much competition, b) people vote for who they think will win, c) Daniel Guerrero *is* Susan II, and d) SMABOR, TREPAC and out-of-town developers have been buying the Mayor’s seat for Susan I and Susan II for the past dozen years. Skeptical, if your degree is in Political Science, please go back to your school and ask for a refund.

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