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COVER: Mateo Jáimes’ mural at San Marcos’ Crook Park highlights the spring-fed river and its unique species, such as the San Marcos salamander. SUBMITTED PHOTO.


The city of San Marcos will host a public ceremony on Oct. 4, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. at William and Eleanor Crook Park, 430 Riverside Drive, to dedicate the mural on the restroom building.

The mural, titled “Currents” by artist Mateo Jáimes, is the second in a series to be created throughout San Marcos. The murals are located in high visibility areas that have previously been magnets for graffiti.

“The images of the mural are intended to present joyful colors that children will enjoy creating, as well as living with afterwards for many years to come,” Jáimes said. “It also intends to provide community awareness of the incredible beauty of the San Marcos River – and its fragile wildlife, such as Texas wild rice and the San Marcos salamander.”

The design is meant to deter graffiti by using a “dense’ configuration of water currents that leaves little open wall space, he said. “Hopefully, the taggers will also recognize that the work of art is meant to demonstrate pride of local community resources.”

Jáimes is an artist from Austin and is a member of an artistic team called “Beauty Will Save the World.” He has helped paint a one-quarter mile stretch of art on North Lamar Boulevard in Austin. His paintings are “abstractions of nature inspired by the moment when one realizes that nature is unequaled in its perfection.”

“The images intend to remind the viewer of nature’s endless wisdom,” Jáimes said. “Enjoy the paintings, remember the moment when you were inspired by nature, and carry that world with you always.”

People in the community joined Jáimes on “Paint Day” Aug. 1 to put their mark on the mural by adding a fish or an insect to the wall. The Nature Center Camp and the San Marcos Housing Authority brought groups of children to the mural to help Jáimes paint.

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