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COVER: Police Chief Chase Stapp, center, and newly minted assistant chiefs Penny Dunn and Bob Klett assumed leadership of the San Marcos Police Department during an Aug. 1 ceremony. PHOTO by MELISSA MILLECAM


New San Marcos Police Chief Chase Stapp presided over a badge-pinning ceremony this month commemorating the installation of a new top-level command staff as well as other recent promotions.

Stapp was sworn in as police chief on Aug. 1. upon former chief Howard Williams’ retirement. Williams led SMPD for 11 years after 25 years at the Austin Police Department.

“We have had a changing of the guard at the San Marcos Police Department. I’m proud that we have been able to promote so many of our key leaders from within the department and preserve the outstanding leadership culture that they have nurtured over the years,” City Manager Jared Miller said.

A San Marcos High School and Texas State University graduate, Stapp joined the department in 1992 as an officer and worked his way through the ranks including stints as a field training officer, firearms instructor and narcotics detective. While holding the rank of commander, Stapp supervised the Patrol division and later the Criminal Investigations division. In 2010, he was promoted to assistant chief for operations.

Other recent movement in the ranks:

Penny Dunn was promoted to assistant chief for administration with oversight of the Administration, Training and Records/Communications divisions. Before being named an assistant chief, Dunn held the rank of commander and supervised the Criminal Investigations division. She was commissioned as a law enforcement officer in 1986 and joined the San Marcos police force in 1989.

Bob Klett was promoted to assistant chief for operations with oversight of the Criminal Investigations, Patrol and Narcotics divisions. The mental health division, the motorcycle patrol and the foot/bicycle patrol also fall under his command. A veteran of the department since 1989, Klett most recently held the rank of commander and supervised the Administration division.

Marty Manzi was promoted from sergeant to commander with oversight of of two evening shift platoons, two night shift platoons and the K9 unit. Manzi joined the department in 1988 and has previously worked in patrol and as a member of the joint county-city SWAT. Most recently, Manzie supervised the Community Services division with oversight of school resource officers, crime prevention officers and a juvenile crime investigator.

Kathy Anderson was promoted from corporal to sergeant with oversight of a midnight shift of six officers. A commissioned law enforcement officer since 1980, Anderson joined SMPD in 1991 and has worked primarily evening and night patrol shifts. Certified as an emergency medical technician, Anderson trains officers in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Tiffany Williams was promoted from officer to corporal and assigned to midnight shift patrol. Williams joined the department in 2007 as a cadet and spent two years working the evening and midnight patrol shifts. In 2010, she was assigned to the downtown patrol.

Jesse Saavedra was promoted from officer to corporal. Saaverda joined the department in 2006 as a patrol officer and was assigned to the downtown bicycle patrol in 2008. He is certified as a master peace officer by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and as an instructor by the International Police Mountain Bike Association.

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