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DRIPPING SPRINGS — A sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a dog early Sunday belonging to a resident later identified as the alleged victim in an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Hays County Sheriff’s Office deputies Jarod Rosson and Anthony Schafer went to a house at 315 Harmon Hills Court shortly after midnight Saturday when one of the parties in a landlord-tenant dispute called police. Invited inside by an alleged assault victim, the officers entered the house and were nearly immediately charged by an agitated pit bull who was “snarling and trying to bite,” Lt. Jeri Skrocki, a sheriff”s office spokesperson, said in a written statement Monday afternoon.

More from the spokesperson’s description of how the incident unfolded:

The officer asked the complainant if the dog was friendly and before he could finish his question the pit bull dog immediately charged him. The officer was able to avoid the dog by stepping aside but exposed the second officer who was standing in the doorway. The dog then directed his attention to the officer in the doorway charging, snarling and trying to bite him. The officer stepped back and kicked the dog in an effort to stop it. The dog continued to advance in an aggressive manner attempting to bite the officer. The first officer, who was able to avoid the dog, fired his sidearm at the dog, hitting it. The dog turned and advanced on him aggressively and he then fired at it again killing the animal.

The altercation that led police to be called to the home is being investigated as a possible aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, Skrocki said. Jail records indicate no one was arrested on that charge Sunday.

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One thought on “Deputies shoot victim’s dog during Dripping Springs assault investigation

  1. Don’t they have better ways to subdue dogs? I wouldn’t expect people to be surprised by a dog reacting aggressively toward strangers after the owner was assaulted.

    Glad it wasn’t worse, but it seems like there were a number of ways to avoid the whole situation.

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