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The district attorney says the two Republicans vying to replace her are leaning on “false and misleading” allegations of misconduct and mismanagement during her two terms as Hays County’s chief prosecutor 


When I decided not seek a third term in office, I stated my intent to remain neutral in the race. I still do not support either candidate and whoever wins the election will have my cooperation in making certain the transition in leadership is as smooth as possible.

Over the last several months, I have been reading and listening to the campaigns of the two candidates for Hays County District Attorney. I have listened to claims of misconduct within the district attorney’s office, that there is a win at all costs mentality and that our office does less with more resources since I became district attorney. All the allegations being leveled against this office by the candidates are false and misleading.

The allegations of misconduct are offensive and I will not remain quiet while the amazing people I work with every day are said to be unprofessional and unethical. The fact is that the people who work in our office, from the administrative staff to the attorneys work very hard with long hours and low pay, but they take pride in their work and do nothing but strive to do the right thing; seeing that justice is served in every case.

Our conviction rate in felony cases is much better since I took over in 2007, we try cases that need to be tried and we never withhold evidence from the defense. The fact is our office very professional, we do our work efficiently and have worked hard to modernize procedures and policies.

Our relationship with law enforcement remains strong with open and honest communication and our door is always open for officers to come talk to us about a case or an issue. It is disappointing to hear the candidates disparage our office when we have done nothing but continue our hard work for the citizens of Hays County.

It has been an honor and a privilege to be the District Attorney for the last seven years and I will continue to run the office with integrity and professionalism. I am even more proud to say that I have worked with some of the finest and most hard working people that I have known in my years as a prosecutor and our office is outstanding because of their hard work.

Hays County District Attorney

Sherri Tibbe, a Democrat, has served as Hays County District Attorney since 2007, after winning election in 2006 against Mau and in 2010 without an opponent.

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