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The conservative Republican lawmaker bucks some of his libertarian-leaning supporters with this endorsement of Wes Mau over Lynn Peach, who has become an anti-establishment célèbre du jour 


Wes Mau is a longtime Hays County resident with an extensive career as a public defender.

He has dedicated his life to prosecuting the state’s most violent criminals, gaining not only valuable experience, but also the common sense leadership we need to manage our growing community.

I have known him before I was in office and am proud to say has earned my trust, my respect, and my endorsement in his campaign for Hays County District Attorney.

Regardless of the outcome of the race I am very thankful that we will be served by a conservative Republican in the district attorney’s office since no Democrat filed to run for the office.

Dripping Springs

Jason Isaac, a Republican, has represented Hays and Blanco counties in the Texas House of Representatives since 2011.

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2 thoughts on “Letter: Jason Isaac says Mau has ‘earned my trust’ for Hays DA

  1. Mr. Isaac states, Mau has “an extensive career as a public defender.”

    I would point out that Hays County has never had a public defender, and Mau has never done defense work. This is a rather huge mistake on the part of Mr. Isaac, that needs to be corrected, because it credits Mau with experience he has never had: defending individual citizens against the power of the State.
    No, Mau has only worked on behalf of the power of the State, first for the Texas District and County Attorney’s Association, then as Hays assistant district attorney, then as a Texas Attorney General assistant prosecutor. He has no experience on the other side. It is career prosecutors like Mau that are part of the problem in our system. They rarely have any appreciation for the costs their decisions impose upon the public and on the lives of private citizens. They have only worked on behalf of the government, doing its bidding for those in the power structure. If you want some understanding and compassion in your public prosecutors, you need a DA who has some experience working on the outside of the power structure, such as Peach.

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