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Local Republican pillars Wally and Linda Kinney are backing Wes Mau for Hays County District Attorney, writing that he has the ‘prosecutorial and management experience necessary to handle the job.’ 


Hays County Republicans will soon select their candidate for the Hays County District Attorney race. This will be their most consequential vote because, without a Democrat opponent, this election will determine who will be the next district attorney.

It’s hard to overstate the role of the district attorney. Voters must demand a district attorney who will do his utmost to keep them safe, while at the same time ensuring smarter, and less costly, punishment and supervision of nonviolent criminals.
Wesley Mau is the candidate best equipped for this position. Wes managed the Hays County District Attorney’s office under Hays County District Attorney Mike Wenk as first assistant. He currently serves as the top criminal prosecutor for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. 

The district attorney has to be able to develop relationships with the law enforcement community and Wes has already begun building those relationships winning endorsements from all the law enforcement associations in Hays County. Wes has the prosecutorial and management experience necessary to handle the job.

Dripping Springs

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4 thoughts on “Letter: For Hays DA, Mau is simply more qualified. Period.

  1. “…a district attorney who will do his utmost…Wesley Mau is the candidate best equipped for this position.”

    Too bad Peach wasn’t born male or (s)he may have had a chance with the local republican Pillars.

    But hey, who cares about the pillars, pills, pillocks, whatever, the Republican County Chair is for Lynn Peach!

    ¶ [Editor’s Note: Hays GOP chair Russell Hayter says it is inaccurate that he supports Lynn Peach for Hays County District Attorney. See comment below.]

  2. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but to call Wesley Mau the “top criminal prosecutor” in the Texas Attorney General’s office was just too much of a stretch for me to stomach. Yes, Mr. Mau is one of several Assistant Attorney Generals in the criminal prosecutions division of the OAG, but the “top”? Come on, now! That is an exaggeration made by the party faithful and nothing more. If you want to explore my opinion, I suggest you Google “Lisa Tanner” of the OAG.

  3. ¶ Ms. Moore may be mistaking former Hays GOP chair Mike Cox, who has endorsed Peach, with current Hays GOP chair Russell Hayter, who told me this morning that her comment is “factually incorrect because I don’t support Lynn Peach and factually incorrect because, as county chair, I’m not making endorsements” in any of the GOP races.

    ¶ Bonus Pro Tip: Sitting county chair traditionally do not endorse candidates in intra-party primaries although that’s happened a few times that I can recall in Hays County in the past decade. In 2012, then-Hays GOP chair Bud Wymore endorsed Pct. 3 Commissioner Will Conley and Sheriff Gary Cutler among others and, in 2006, then-Hays GOP chair Mike Cox publicly supported County Judge Jim Powers over his Republican Party challenger, Ernie Murry.

  4. Ol’ Lenny is grasping at straws here a bit, no?

    Hey, no reach too desperate when there’s a “Republican war on women” fairy tale to propagate…..

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