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The San Marcos Police Department is pouring every resource at its disposal to find three men who kidnapped a woman and her 4-year-old daughter on Wednesday in a daytime caper that has galvanized residents, police chief Howard Williams said this afternoon. The woman was sexually assaulted and then strangled until she lost consciousness.

San Marcos police on Friday offered more information about three men accused of kidnapping and assaulting a woman on Wednesday along with her four-year-old child.

The suspects

  1. “Dago,” Hispanic male, in his 40’s, approximately 6’ tall with a thick build. His head was shaved and he had a small, square patch of beard on his chin. He has tattoos of crosses on both forearms. Male was called “Dago” by other suspects.
  2. “Chico,” Hispanic male, 18 – early/mid-20’s in age, approximately 5’5” tall, thin build, darker skin Hispanic with closely cut hair. He has a tattoo, unknown word/name, on his neck. Male was called “Chico” by other suspects.
  3. Hispanic male, in his 30’s, approximately 5’5” to 5’7”, medium build, hair has been closely shaved on the sides with longer hair on top (looked like a Mohawk-style cut growing out). This suspect may have an injury to his nose or bruised eye(s).

The vehicle

The suspect vehicle is described as an older model, maroon color GMC brand truck with peeling or fading paint.

On Friday, police released more details about the suspects and pickup truck they drove. They were also more specific about the location of the abduction, saying it happened at an overgrown low-water crossing on McKie Street bear the southbound Interstate 35 access road; police had previously said only that the kidnapping took place in the general area of Cheatham and McKie streets.

“Our department and several other agencies are working full time on this investigation,” Williams said in a statement. “We want to reassure the public that every effort is being made to identify and arrest these offenders. Our officers on patrol are keeping a close look out and we have sent out bulletins throughout Texas that we are searching for these suspects. We will keep the public informed as to new developments.”

San Marcos police are being assisted by the Hays County Sheriff’s Office, Kyle Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Lab, the Austin Regional Intelligence Center (ARIC) and the Texas Department of Pardons, Paroles and Probation, Williams said.

The woman was driving on McKie Street when her vehicle was bumped on the rear bumper by another vehicle.  When the woman got out to check for damage, she was forced into the back seat of her own vehicle two suspects as a third followed in the truck.

The woman’s head was covered and she was taken to an unknown location where she was sexually assaulted, strangled, and eventually lost consciousness, Dunn said.

The unconscious victim and her child were later left in their vehicle parked on the side of a roadway outside of San Marcos.  The victim regained consciousness and was disoriented but was able to return to her residence where Police and Emergency Medical Services were summoned.

The victim suffered several non-life threatening injuries and was treated and released at a hospital. She is recovering from her injuries in the care of her family.

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13 thoughts on “Police offer more details on kidnapping suspects, vehicle

  1. This is beyond sad and tragic. These men must be caught and off the streets for good. I just hope and pray this lady and child can heal, find peace and not let these violent criminals ruin more lives or ever have the chance to do this again.

  2. This is some hugely helpful identifying info and I hope someone who knows one or more of these perps understands how vile this crime was and calls the police immediately. This isn’t a fight at a party that got out of hand, or even the recent tragedy stemming from a breakup with a jealous boyfriend. These three are absolute menaces and they need to be brought in today.

  3. Go to the bars Katz, Gold crown and Pueblo and the little grocery store in redwood. They know all the mexicans there!

  4. Re: “San Marcos police on Friday offered more information about three men accused of kidnapping and assaulting a woman on Wednesday along with her four-year-old child.” The child was assaulted, too? Savage pigs. I hope someone takes the law into their own hands, and gets to them BEFORE the police.

  5. It’s a sad comment on our society that, despite the publication of this identifying information, these men have yet to be apprehended.

    Anyone who knows these villains but has not stepped forward is no better than the perpetrators themselves.

  6. Lisa the child watched as the mom got assaulted and raped. The truck is maroon with paint missing off of it!

  7. I agree Tari ANYONE who knows them and has not turned them in is going to have to deal with their own personal hell~!

  8. Hope we hear some news about an apprehension on this soon. But I fear Dago, Chico and Mohawk probably slipped across the border as soon as they knew the police were hunting them.

  9. Someone has to know who they are, they took the person to somewhere nearby that area and likely to somewhere there was a long driveway (not across from inhabited houses or near any parks or major roads) i.e. somewhere gated or with a long driveway nearby (check google maps and look near backroads) they also likely switched to winter clothes thus covering their tattoos not far afterwards after the cold spell… someone has to know them because they had to have a place to go to… (I think its unlikely they went up guadalupe in that situation I think either nearby neighborhood, short drive up guadalupe and a turn, or down the feeder somewhere but they wont say where they were found)… there are only a couple of streets in the nearby neighborhood with areas that look shady enough where there arent parks or heavily trafficked spots… try places with aluminum foil on the windows / boards / long driveways or vines covering fences nearby … likely thought they could quickly go back to their house nearby (or their friends house)… (however, having the car with them, and the car may be reported missing, it pretty much rules out everywhere around there besides somewhere with either a gated large area like a _tow truck area… or someone who used a car cover or they were ballsy enough to drive far away in that situation which seems unlikely)

  10. Ok what if they drove straight from cheatham down the railroad tracks to the giant warehouse to the left of the scene (near the tow truck company lot)? Wouldn’t you find some railroad gravel in the tires?

  11. Brad, would it be possible to check back in on this story? This is an unusually violent crime for San Marcos and even a brief story saying the cops are following leads and working with Border Patrol and other authorities would be worth posting.

    BTW, the more people focus on this story, the more incentive there will be for the police to find these guys.

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