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COVER: Julie Watkins rallies opponents of the Kyle Travel Center at an organizational meeting Sept. 19 at the Blanco Vista subdivision community pool in San Marcos. The Kyle City Council rejected Cypress-based PGI Investments’ request for a zoning change on Oct. 2. MERCURY PHOTO by BRAD ROLLINS


For a second time in little more than a year, the Kyle City Council on Wednesday rejected zoning changes that would have allowed construction of a major truck stop on Interstate 35 at Yarrington Road.

After the first version of its plan was defeated last August, Cypress-based PGI Investments asked to form a 47.7-acre planned unit development anchored by a truck stop and convenience store but also including entitlements for an apartment complex and nine pad sites for retail or office buildings and one for a hotel. Kyle planning and zoning commissioners voted 5-2 last week to approve PGI’s request over the objections of nearby residents, many of whom are homeowners in nearby Blanco Vista, a master-planned subdivision just across the city limits in San Marcos.

The Kyle council voted 4-3 against PGI’s request to replace existing light retail zoning with a mixed-use planned unit development. Mayor Lucy Johnson was joined by council members Diane Hervol, Samantha LeMense and Ray Bryant in the majority. Council members Becky Selberra, David Wilson and Chad Benninghoff voted in favor of the development.

“It brings me no joy to stop this development because I do see the progress you’ve made,” the mayor said. “I want this piece of property to be developed for the good of Kyle, financially [but] I call into question how prepared this developer is. I know you can succeed in doing better.”

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24 thoughts on “Kyle council puts brakes on Yarrington truck stop

  1. A bad project for us residents. And Mayor Johnson saying that this property ought to be developed is ridiculous. Sure – tax money might be generated but I would much rather see something other than a nasty truck stop be built. How about a COSTCO?

  2. There’s not much difference between a truck stop and a CostCo or whatever else might be built there. It’s not likely to be a park.

  3. Dano, shit flows downstream.
    Would it really kill you to actually care about your community – instead of just yourself?

  4. My last reply was glib….but the point is that when YOU have a belief about a project it’s for “the good of the community” but when someone has a belief that is contradictory to yours, it’s automatically “selfish”.

    It’s as if you can’t conceive of the concept that someone who agrees with you could possibly do so out of anything other than selfish reasons. I’m not sure if you do this out of a subconscious desire to feel better than everyone else, or if you’re just one of those self-important people who likes to talk down to others. Or maybe you’re just a politician.

    Either way, who’s to say that *my* approach is not taken with the needs of the community (the WHOLE community, not just one nearby neighborhood) in mind, and it’s YOUR approach that isn’t self-serving?

    Remember, no one died and made you the sole judge of what is and isn’t good for the community….speak up for your position if you want – that’s what the process is for – but don’t automatically assume that everyone who opposes you is somehow less than you.

  5. Yes, Dano, the fact that you post anonymously considerably detracts from the case you are making. Agree or disagree with Miss Lila, that being your privilege, but you would register far more credibility if you signed your names to your posts.

    I hope you will continue to post and that you will use your name. No, it is not easy and I am testament to the fact that supplying names encourages consequences, but I continue to maintain that it is the honorable and effective way to conduct this business, regardless of the fact that it inevitably proves inimical to the interests of the writer.

  6. Why does the fact that Dano posts anonymously detract from the case he is making? What about his case changes if you know who he is? Dano cares quite a bit about his community as evidenced by the way he presents another side of the argument, calmly and consistently, and only defends himself when attacked. Lila, I assume you also care about your community, but you come across as mean and disrespectful on these message boards and THAT detracts considerably from the case you are making. It’s clear to anyone who reads these boards that when Dano makes a point, and to your frustration, he pretty much always does, you just resort to insults because you don’t really have an argument that makes sense to fall back on. Instead of attacking Dano, you might try explaining your side of things a little more clearly, or conceding the point when Dano is right.

  7. Some of the people on this site and in this town scare me.

    I think putting your real name on here is crazy and asking others to do so makes me curious about your motives.

    I suspect you’re a tree huggin hippie and you want to start up a protest on Dano’s lawn.
    Sellin your hemp braclets with your picket signs,
    no sir No name for you !

  8. Yes, you got me. Tree hugging hippie. That’s me all right. Bright you are. Now, to the reason names are important. Without names one person can post ten messages under ten names and give the impression that ten people have posted. That is why giving names adds to credibility. The question should be: If I were required to post my name would I still post? Leaving off a name does not markedly detract from arguments, but adding the name adds weight to the argument. Society pretty well rejects anonymous letters and these postings sort of fit that mold.

  9. I’ve known Don Brooks for a long time, probably between 40-50 years. I know that I think if I you are going to take strident or extreme positions that the use of a name is appropriate or at least understand that you have little credibility if you are unwilling to do so. I have never once considered that using my name would expose me to anything other than an occasional comment from someone in town when I’m out. The beauty of our society is that we can disagree without fear of anything bad happening.
    As usual typed on my iPad and there might be typos.

  10. So what’s to stop someone from posting under their real name as well as nine aliases? Nothing.

    What’s to stop people from posting as “Don Brooks” or “Charles Soechting” when they are really someone else? Nothing. So how do I know you are who you say you are?

    You may both just be Lila Knight x2 and x3 for all we know.

    On the internet, NO ONE is guaranteed to be who they say they are. So for web debate you *have to* focus on the message. It’s not an “extreme position” – it’s the way of the world.

    If that bothers you so much, perhaps you should stick to hanging out at the donut shop in the mornings, drinking coffee and harrumphing about all us youngsters and our damn fake names. Then at least you’ll know who you are sitting across from – at least you’ll know what they want you to know about them.

  11. Dammit, Dano, it worries me when I agree with you. To that point, Dano speaks with a unique and identifiable voice. He has a consistent viewpoint and a style of writing that allows us to distinguish his work as does almost everyone here. I’m pretty sure I could identify the frequent posters here even if their posts were not labeled and I think most of you could too.

    Life might be tidier if all the sane and creditable people used a first name and a last name and all the whackadoodles used nicknames but it just doesn’t work that way.

  12. Anne Rice, Toni Morrison, Ayn Rand, O. Henry, Diablo Cody, Mark Twain, Ed McBain, James Tiptree Jr., Lewis Carroll, Trevanian, Pablo Neruda, Voltaire, Stendahl, Yukio Mishima, Silence Dogood, Saki, Richard Bachman, Richard Stark, John LeCarre, Moliere to name a few, all disagree with Lila et al.

    Dano, SMsince95, myself and others all work within the rules set out by Brad. If you don’t like the rules; take it up with him.

    The constant whining of “my post is more important than yours because I used my name” is pathetic. Is it logical? No. Is it analytical? No. Is it rational? No. Does it enhance the conversation? No.

    To Charles @ 5:03 AM: sorry my experience has been exactly the opposite, as I’ve posted before. I’ve had my home and my vehicles vandalized; my family members rudely confronted in public, my clients threatened with economic retaliation. I’m very happy that you live in Eden, but my experience suggests caution.

    BTW I second Dano’s comment @7:54, and heavens knows we don’t always agree.

  13. Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Clark Kent, and Bruce Wayne too….and that lady that wrote the Harry Potter books is now writing under another name as well. But what do they know?

    It’s OK if you want to use your real name….but you can’t disrespect the fact that some people don’t and PLEASE don’t act like your choice to do so somehow makes your arguments any more valid. Why on Earth would you think that attaching your name to something gives it more “weight” – do you really think there are people out there who say “Ooooooh….this post was written by THE Donn Brooks – it MUST be great!”?

    Arguments stand or fail on their own merits, regardless of who the messenger is.

  14. * Charles Soechting02/16/2011 – 9:02 pm

    O’Dell, I would have sued you but I wasn’t damaged by anything you said. My income actually went up not down. Even though your statements were (and usually are) false you got a free pass because…well, you’re just irrelevant. Thanks for helping my business.

    * Charles O’Dell, Ph.D.02/17/2011 – 9:37 am
    Do I get a commission?

    I avoid using my real name because of lawyerz who misuse the power of profession by threatning to sue.
    The name is Franklin, Ben Jamin Franklin

  15. SMSince95, I added a button at the bottom of each post for you RedditHeads. It’ll let you post directly to the San Marcos page on Reddit.

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