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Sales tax collections in San Marcos had another year-over-year increase in June, rising 10.69 percent from June 2012 levels.

The city received a check from the comptroller for $1,948,473, up $188,214 from the same month a year earler. Sales tax revenues are running 9.16 percent higher for the 2013 fiscal year. Across Texas, that same increase is 7.34 percent.

Sales tax revenues in San Marcos increased by 10.69% for retail activity in June compared to the same period a year ago, demonstrating a healthy, growing economy. Sales tax revenues in San Marcos have increased in 40 of the last 43 months.

“This is a particularly welcome increase and provides a snapshot of a strong local economy,” said Mayor Daniel Guerrero. “As we continue our budget process for the 2014 fiscal year, we recognize the importance of sales tax revenues in supporting essential city services to our community that are achieved through public support for local businesses.”

Sales tax collections account for 45 percent of the city’s general fund revenue.

Kyle saw a year-over-year increase of 10.96 percent for June. Austin had a 4.56 perent increase, and New Braunfels had an increase of 9.41 percent.

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