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Less than a year after losing a bid for U.S. Congress, former San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz is moving with her husband, Mike, to Carlsbad, N.M. where she has made influential friends among the state’s political movers and shakers.

All in a two-month whirlwind, Narvaiz reconnected with Carlsbad developer and investor Joe Brininstool, who had once ferried Narvaiz to a prayer breakfast on his private plane, and within weeks she and her husband, Mike, were fielding job offers and contemplating a new life in southeastern New Mexico’s Eddy County. Mike Narvaiz has already begun a job there working for an electrical contractor while the former mayor winds up the couple’s affairs, including overseeing the move out of their Parkview Lane home, the sale of which which was closed on Friday.

“This all happened so quickly that I just believe that God’s hand is all over this and has guided us to do this, just as he always has guided us in our lives,” Narvaiz said.

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6 thoughts on “Former mayor Narvaiz relocating to New Mexico [PRO]

  1. Susan had been a great mayor for San Marcos and lead this town into a new age. There were only a few that did not respect her nor understand the impact she had. God bless you Susan and thank you.

  2. What are you speaking of Watcher? The many times she bullied people to get her way for her own self benefit? The many times she was pure evil? what ever happened to the millions of dollars that as given to her best friend from city funds. You know the EDC director?hmmmm? Did the city ever get back the money when They accidentally paid her the extra 1.7 million? How did that work out? When she sneaklily snuck in an ultimatum when the council voted not to over turn the EDC to anyone else but the Chamber? How about her flirty husband of hers? trust me there were so many more that didn’t respect her and had seen and heard her spews about her so called “friends”. She only helped the people who voted with her. She prided herself on way to much and took credit where when it wasn’t hers. She never credited others when they deserved it. Nope it was all to herself even in little things. Never anyone who disagreed. Finally this town can rest and have a fair city counsel. Adios Mrs Narvais. Carlsbad and surrounding counties watch your backs! And your wallets.

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