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Texas State President Denise Trauth has taken issue with a July 20 story in the San Antonio Express-News regarding a state audit of the university’s financial reporting and contract management practices.

The report said the state audit “found flaws” with the university’s methods and “suggested a laundry list of improvements.” Trauth’s real issue was with the headline. Trauth did not name any specific complaint with the content of the story.

“The newspaper clearly erred in its headline when it stated Texas State had ‘flunked’ the state audit,” Trauth said in a statement. “By all accounts, the university passed the audit.”

The online version of the story does not say the university “flunked” the audit, but said the auditor raised “red flags.”

Trauth and Texas State Regent Charles Amato also responded to the newspaper with a letter to the editor, which ran on July 26.

Said Trauth in her statement, “As is standard practice, state auditors identified several opportunities for improvements and made recommendations to enhance existing controls, which the university is in the process of implementing. The fact is the state audit was relatively benign, and auditors in the exit conference referred to their report on Texas State’s practices as ‘positive.'”


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