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10:11 p.m. MONDAY, JULY 22: Here’s another interview with Alpha, this one by KXAN News.

Police assault victim speaks out


3:17 p.m. MONDAY, JULY 22: KHOU, the Houston CBS affiliate, is the first to land an interview with Alexis Alpha, the 22-year-old Texas State marketing student at the center of an alleged police brutality scandal.

San Marcos police Cpl. James Palermo is charged with aggravated assault by a public servant, a first-degree felony, for allegedly using excessive force in the course of arresting Alpha early on May 29. Alpha broke two teeth and suffered a concussion after being flung face-first into a concrete driveway, police records state.

Palermo had no cause to arrest Alpha, a report for by Cmdr. Penny Dunn concluded, but did so anyway after Alpha called him a foul name.

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10 thoughts on “Updated: Alexis Alpha talks about her arrest by accused officer

  1. Expect a big lawsuit for such criminal behavior…and rightfully so. Hopefully, this will be a wake-up call for the SMPD to clean up its act.

  2. Not to make light of her situation, but I’m always reminded of the old Steven Wright bit when I hear that someone was arrested for resisting arrest. How do you get arrested for resisting arrest?

    “You’re under arrest.”
    “No I’m not.”
    “You’re under arrest!!!”

  3. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Only until these men who have protected the city of San Marcos are proven guilty in court should people hold their opinions… These are fine men and women with SMPD and put their lives on the line for us daily! Think about that! If these allegations are true, I still have FULL faith in SMPD !

    — bias opinion —

  4. so next time you have a run in with a public servant, expect to loose some teeth, cuz for some people that is ok behavior and to be expected when being arrested…really????

  5. I wonder if there might be steroid use by some in the SMPD? One of the basic stays of behavior modification is ignoring negative behavior, if safety is not threatened. Police officers are supposed to be Peace-keepers for goodness sake, not hateful, violent, criminal agents of the law. Do cops ever get drug tested? Do they get training on friendly, emotionally detached interactions with the public they are supposed to serve and protect? Officer Palermo certainly didn’t give this young lady the benefit of the doubt when he abused and attacked her. He may be legally innocent until proven guilty, but the pictures and video are hard evidence of guilt and wrong-doing.

  6. Yes, as a previous poster stated, I would like to thank this brave officer for putting his very life on the line protecting us from a 22-hr-old female college student. They can be quite ferocious. Especially necessary is the seemingly mandatory face slam and knee in the back before handcuffing. Heroic behavior indeed!

  7. I would like to hear the officer’s side. She WAS obstructing, she stayed to argue, jeopardizing the officer’s safety with his arrest and she was drunk.

  8. If this girl has several brothers, they and her father need to pay James Palermo an unscheduled visit after these court cases are over to “discuss” his actions. They need to inform him in a unique way what they think of him.

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