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On July 19, San Marcos Police Chief Howard E. Williams took media questions about the arrest of Cpl. James Palermo for causing injuries to a 22-year-old Texas State University student during the course of what his supervisor calls an illegal arrest. Palermo was arrested July 16 and charged with aggravated assault by a public servant. The next day, a second San Marcos cop was arrested on an unrelated charge. Officer David Amerson is accused of obtaining controlled substances by fraud for soliciting prescription drugs, including narcotic painkiller Oxycontin, from multiple doctors.

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3 thoughts on “Video: No ‘systemic problem,’ at SMPD, chief says

  1. Why is the system & hays unfair to people of color? Officers get a slap on the wrist for hard crimes they commit & bonds,PR’S NO MONEY SPENT OUT!!! Africans & some hispanics get no bonds & numbers on their backs & the sorry thing about it is they’re innocent….That’s the Justice System here in San Marcos,Tex. I’m so glad God is watching & you’ll can’t get away with all this prejudice. Your wrong doings will come to an end…God doesn’t like it when you do his children unjust…

  2. You realize the Judge Prado set the bond right. I’m not sure if you have ever met her but as her last name suggest, she is Hispanic. Quit trying to push your agenda, where in this case it clearly does not belong. Bonds are set based up the charge, criminal history, employment statues, residential statues, and so on.

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