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A second San Marcos cop, David Amerson, was arrested this morning for allegedly obtaining controlled substances by fraud. City spokesperson Melissa Millecam says the Amerson case is unrelated to Palermo’s arrest yesterday for aggravated assault by a public servant. Police Chief Howard Williams is holding a press conference at 2 p.m. today.

Millecam issued this statement shortly before noon today:

Officer David Amerson of the San Marcos Police Department turned himself in early Wednesday, July 17 on two arrest warrants for obtaining controlled substances by fraud. The charges are second and third degree felonies.

Amerson surrendered at the Hays County Law Enforcement Center shortly before 6 a.m. and was released under $10,000 bond around 9 a.m.  The charges stem from an investigation by the Hays County Drug Task Force in conjunction with the Department of Public Safety.

He was relieved of duty May 23 and placed on administrative leave pending the internal and criminal investigations.

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18 thoughts on “Another San Marcos cop arrested, this time for drugs

  1. What kind of environment is it that makes these cops think they can do this? It starts at the top. The entire force needs investigation by an external entity. Internal Affairs isn’t going to cut it!

  2. Looks they found both of them and are taking care of business. When you have 100 employees a few are going to screw up. They are humans with faults anger addictions. Let he cast the first stone.

  3. The U.S. lost the war on drugs many years ago. Since then we’ve wasted billions of dollars on it, corrupted thousands of people in several nations because of it, and caused thousands of people, both innocent and guilty, to die because of it. And now we have an enormous government structure in partnership with private entities to keep it going. And our politicians don’t have the guts or desire to do anything about it.

  4. I think it’s ridiculous to immediately start spewing condemnation. We live in a country where we are ALL innocent until proven guilty. Even the law enforcement. You would want that for yourselves so you should be willing to do the same for others. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  5. lol ^ you obviously have ties to them or the force. There have been investigations. All thats left is a plea or jury decision. They are scum plain and simple. Men who want to act as if they are ‘superior’ to the average citizen. In these two cases, they were exposed. Now lets hope the court dont drop the ball.

  6. I want to commend Police Chief Howard Williams of the San Marcos Police Department for standing up and making Public on the Media the fact that 2 of his many officers are facing criminal charges and are under arrest. Albeit brief in this case, a 3 hr tour? It’s this kind of leadership, transparency and justice that We the People expect of our leaders. Thank you Police Chief Howard Williams for being a True Texan, a Texan who upholds your oath!

  7. where is the chief now??? not talking about how this guy was one of the first to get the new 2012 models that came out. it starts from the top! sleep tight Mr. Williams your time is coming this is not Houston… small town S.M. will catch on>>>

  8. Judge not lest you be judged by others and let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Officer Amerson is a wonderful man who has spent years protecting you citizens. He has been out in the middle of the night keeping your lives safe….and your families safe. Anyone is capable of making mistakes and it takes a Truely big person to stand up and confess…especially when he has everything he has worked his life for at stake. I, for one, wish you peace and love and healing and thank you profusely for the service I have witnessed you giving to our fair city!!

  9. He confessed only because he was caught he didn’t stand up and admitted to doing wrong on his own. Only a real man would. Yes he was working at night so you thought he was protecting our community more like he was servicing our community!!! Not all Law Enforcement are honest…

  10. Not all people are honest either. At some point in time you are going to get bad people in all jobs not just LE. Get off your soapbox. Good job to the men and women who turned these two in.

    But if you follow these people’s logic you are all bad and turned in two innocent men. Scarcasim Alert. Because for some of you that went over your head.

  11. This is hard on the community. Craig Young said it best in his remark that narcotics enforcement has a corrupting influence. I am a firm believer in requiring all officers to take a polygraph examination periodically, but I realize there is a community of thought that opposes that. Memo to Chief Williams: Keep encouraging the men to stay straight in the hope that most people recognize that most officers are honest and do a good job.

  12. ^don’t be stupid. Dumb shit like this happens all the time in San marcos. So either you are a very dumb person or you personally know these idiot officers. Either way you don’t have to worry this legacy of corruption will ensure that Palermo walks.

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