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Jose Dominguez, a student in Texas State’s College of Science and Engineering, won first place for undergraduate student posters at a recent National Science Foundation (NSF) meeting in Washington, D.C.

The NSF’s meeting included a select group of centers, including Texas State’s NSF-Partnership for Research and Educational in Materials (PREM) Center on Interfaces in Materials.

“This award gets me publicized and known,” Dominguez said. “It gives me motivation for future opportunities.”

Dominguez participated as part of the NSF’s PREM, a program focused on increasing diversity in materials research. Texas State’s affiliated program started in 2012 with a $3.1 million grant from the NSF. The grant, which will fund the first five years of the program, established a partnership between Texas State and Research Triangle institutions in North Carolina.

There are no set requirements to be part of the Texas State PREM program. Tania Betancourt, assistant professor at Texas State, said students can get involved by simply showing an interest and talking to professors in Texas State’s College of Science and Engineering.

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2 thoughts on “Texas State student wins NSF poster award

  1. I wish we could see the poster. It is probably quite different from the posters of my day. Was it made of cardboard or displayed on a monitor? Inquiring minds want to know. It would be a shame if all the NSF got for their 3.1 million dollar grant was a cardboard poster with nice pictures . Anyway, congratulations to Mr. Jose Dominguez and the Science and Engineering Department!

  2. I’d just like to say that what they quoted me on doesn’t actually reflect what I said. I’ve been told over and over by many different people that the only way to get anywhere in science is by having your work published, presented, and communicated effectively and by winning a poster I was telling the interviewer that this helps my make my mark in the science community. I aspire to continue contributing to the advancement of science and hopefully be able to motivate groups that are currently underrepresented in science to follow their dreams.

    Thank you very much Mr. Rick Bowen. Here is a link to the a photo of Sarah Warren and I with our winning poster.

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