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Hays County law enforcemement officials declared their warrant round-up a success last week, saying nearly 300 tickets were either paid up before the June 27 deadline or after offenders were brought before a judge.

Following a month-long campaign to encourage those charged with Class C misdemeanors to pay voluntarily, Hays County and City of Buda law enforcement officials began their round-up on June 28. Many who could not pay in full were allowed to set up a payment plan at the judge’s discretion. Some individuals who met criteria for indigency will be allowed to perform community service.

“Law enforcement’s goal is to clear up court warrants to expedite the court process for all citizens,” Hays County Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Beth Smith said. “Our intent was to encourage offenders to pay their fines, in whole or through setting up a payment plan. By working together throughout the county, we were able to make this a successful program. Our law enforcement and court staffs did a remarkable job, and their long hours paid off for our community.”

In early June, collection letters were sent to hundreds of individuals with outstanding warrants, who were told that paying up before June 28 would save the $50 per warrant that is added if a law enforcement officer came to their doors.

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