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Texas State announced last week that it is exploring mental health as its 2013-2014 theme for the Common Experience program.

The theme is entitled, “Minds Matter: Exploring Mental Health and Illness.”

In its release announcing the theme, the university said that “(p)articipants will develop a better understanding of the causes of recent events said to be related to psychiatric conditions, while they increase their knowledge of the worldwide consequences of mental health and illness. ”

In addition to recent events, such as mass killings that have brought mental health near the national forefront, mental health, generally, is a concern to college-aged Americans. The university said three quarters of mental illnesses are diagnosed by age 24. In addition, according to a survey of four-year institutions published by the American Public Health Association, suicide is, by far, the leading cause of mortality among college students at 6.18 per 100,000 students.

Said the university in its announcement, “The 2013-14 Common Experience will encourage students, faculty, staff and community members to recognize the importance of balancing human rights, freedoms, and creativity with effective social services, business practices, educational programs, and healthcare in support of good mental health.”



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