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San Marcos police do not anticipate making arrests in an early Tuesday shooting that sent a man to an Austin hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

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At about 5 a.m. Tuesday, police were dispatched to a home in the Villages on Telluride complex, formerly Aspen Heights, at 201 Telluride Street. A 29-year-old man was taken to University Medical Center Brackenridge in Austin where he remained in critical condition as of late Wednesday afternoon, said Melissa Millecam, the city’s spokesperson.

Investigators say they will refer the case to the district attorney for review but do not plan on making any arrests themselves, Millecam said.

“The circumstances may not lend themselves to filing charges but the police department does want the DA to review the incident and determine whether criminal charges should be pursued,” Millecam said. “It’s not a cut-and-dry sort of case. It involves some complexities.”

The shooting was not random in nature but the result of “a long series of events that involved people who know each other,” Millecam said.

The police department does not intend to release the name of the victim or the shooter or many details about the circumstances of the shooting, Millecam said. Police sources contacted by the Mercury on Wednesday said they had been instructed to refer questions about the Telluride Street shooting to Millecam, which is not part of the police department’s regular policy.

Millecam said she is fielding questions about the Telluride Street shooting because several detectives are tied up daily at the ongoing capital murder trial of Willie Jenkins. Remaining officers in the criminal investigation division are busy with various investigations, she said.

“Their manpower is pretty limited right now. I think that has some impact on” the department’s reluctance to talk about the Telluride Street shooting except through Millecam.

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28 thoughts on “Telluride Street shooting leaves man in critical condition

  1. Steve,

    Did Aspen Heights sell off their cottages or is the whole complex now called Villages on Telluride? Whose the new owner?

  2. Brad,

    The whole complex is now called Villages on Telluride. The new management company is Asset Campus housing.

  3. Does anyone know his real name? His nickname is Vito and he has long blonde dreadlocks. Wonder how no arrests being made since this was a drug dealer as well.

  4. Wow. Multiple gunshot wounds, somebody in critical condition, and no arrests planned.

    It will be interesting to learn the facts of this case.

  5. Anyone that ACTUALLY knew the shooter knows that he is innocent. People like CT should keep their mouths shut.

  6. CT,

    Will you please delete your comment/post. You are becoming involved in a federal investigation and your inquiry is extremely sensitive.

    Are you that ignorant to put information regarding a case that is awaiting trial online?

    You are putting people in danger. Delete your post.

  7. I cannot recall a city spokesperson talking on behalf of the police before. I currently see three cop cars out my window circling a traffic offense, so I do not think manpower is the reason. Maybe they are just trying to keep the spokesperson busy, since it doesn’t seem the city does enough speaking for that to be a job. Either way, I don’t like it — there should be more separation between the department and the pols.

  8. Story is that the man that was shot, was high on heroin threatening Vito. He was then shot multiple times and the cops found heroin in the room of the girlfriend of the victim.

  9. drug dealing shooter is innocent. how would i know he was a drug dealer if i didnt know him? BOBA needs to shut up

  10. Wow, I don’t know if the author was forced to publish this, but it’s absolutely terrible. It’s so full of non-information, why even bother? The public is actually better off not reading it, since it poses far too many questions than it answers. Last time I checked journalism exists to answer questions, not ask them. You have failed as journalists.

  11. Skeptical, the article said detectives are tied up on trial and other cases. Those cars you saw were probably not detectives, they drive unmarked cars.

  12. JC, there was a shooting at an upscale student housing development,and the recipient of flying lead is in critical condition. That’s news. The San Marcos Mercury is doing its job by reporting the incident and providing as much info as it can.

    I’d expect Brad is following up with the DA for an update. Seems he’s being stonewalled, so another approach would be to interview acquaintances in an effort to speak to an actual witness.

    BTW, I see no mention of this in the only other paper in town. So unless the Austin American-Statesman decides to cover this, how else would we even know about it?

    On a related topic, no word yet on whether Asset Campus is planning yet another name change. It’s a good bet that “Heroin House Apartments,” “Druglord Heights” and “Bang Bang Village” are not in consideration.

  13. I suppose Brad could just do like MSNBC or CNN and make stuff up….other than that, Tarl is right.

    Brad is giving us what he knows as he knows it. If I lived in that area, I would definitely want to know something/anything about it and no one else seems to be covering the story at all.

  14. The Statesman actually reported this well before Brad did. I think he got the story from them, as he does with all his stories, they’re always someone else’s work.

  15. CT you’re a moron and inciting people to think negatively about Vito for defending his life, when he had nothing to do with the guy on heroin, is reckless. The police cleared him on the shooting and there were no drug charges brought up, so I say again shut your mouth about people and situations you have no idea about.

  16. What do we live in Jersey? We have a drug dealer called Vito, and H addicts trying to kill him.

    How bout some more student housing…it breeds such a wholesome lil community, that a lot of times winds up right next to your neighborhood.

    BobaFett et al, keep us informed, we appreciate it!

  17. Do these “student” apartments require that tenants be enrolled in school? or can anybody pay $500 for a room with a bunch of co-eds?

  18. I don’t think (all of) the “student” apartments require tenants to be enrolled. I have a friend who lived in one of the “student” complexes here and she didn’t go to Texas State, though she was in her early 20s at the time.

  19. I believe if you check your breakdowns on violent crime in San Marcos, you’ll find that the locals contribute more than their share.

    Blaming the students for this issue does nothing more than fuel the fire of poor town vs. gown relations – and ignorantly so.

  20. Dano, what do you expect from Melissa. Blaming it on the students is all she does. Everything ill in this town is the fault of the students. Just ask Melissa. She will tell you so.

  21. It should be pointed out that the perp here was 29 years old and in all likelihood NOT a college student. In fact, if you look at the violent crimes in this town, I’ll bet you can only ascribe a fairly small percentage of them directly to the student population. For every student-related incident, I’d be surprised if we couldn’t find 3 that had nothing to do with them.

    According to, the 2011 property crime and violent crime rates in San Marcos were not only below national and state averages, but they were right in line with the rates in surrounding communities (lower than in Seguin, Lockhart, or New Braunfels; slightly higher than Luling or Kyle). While I’m sure certain offenses (MIP, DUI) are more proliferate in a college town like San Marcos, it’s patently untrue (based on these data) to assert that San Marcos is Detroit south, or even worse, to blame the University or its students for some perceived crime wave.

  22. jmo ~ show me a past post where I have blamed students for anything, do you just make this stuff up? I work at the University and I love our students ~ they sure as heck make my days more interesting and I wouldn’t have a job w/out them.

    I blame the developers and the pandering to developers for totally over-saturating the student housing market, and for destroying neighborhood integrity by allowing these places to be spot zoned into existing single family neighborhoods. I also blame developers who choose to ask for rezoning on the river or sensitive environmental areas, and those who vote yes and allow them to do it. Are you clear now on who I blame and why so that the next time you decide you’d like to troll me you have some kind of idea what you’re talking about?

    These housing developments are not restricted to students. Clustering SO many young people who are experimenting with life and many experimenting with drugs is a recipe for this kind of thing to happen IMO. If the guy that was doing Heroine was indeed one of our students, it really is upsetting b/c it would mean that we have a contingent in our student population that is dealing with this. Just the fact that we have a drug dealer named Vito that it would appear is selling H in “student housing” in San Marcos is very disturbing.

  23. Thanks for clearing that up Dano, glad to hear he was not likely a student. Was there a mention of a crime wave in this thread (too long to re-read)? If so I’d have to agree that’s hysterical thinking.

    BTW my reference, even if in a bit poor taste, was Vito the drug dealer sounds like a guy that would be in Jersey, not in San Marcos. Humor is really lost on some people, especially if it’s typed.

  24. Wow.
    Vito is not a drug dealer and was not selling drugs to the H user. Anyone who doesn’t know what really happened needs to get a life and stop trying to write about other peoples’. The only thing Vito did was defend his life in his own house. If that’s wrong then the H user would be walking around free and Vito would be dead in his own house for not defending himself. Anyone who wants to talk bad on Vito or claim he is a drug dealer or was associated with the guy who got shot; check your facts and stop talking nonsense on innocent people. Y’all are disgusting.

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