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smnewsSan Marcos City Manager Jim Nuse notified city council members in an email sent shortly after midnight this morning that he is resigning effective Sept. 30. Here is his email:

Dear Council

It has been thirty years ago this week since I went to work for the City of Round Rock. Two and a half years ago I was honored to serve the citizens of San Marcos. I have come to the conclusion that thirty years is enough. It has been a wonderful career.

I plan to leave at the end of the fiscal year (September 30). I hope you will consider Steve or Collette for the position. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this terrific community.


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12 thoughts on “Breaking News: Nuse to resign as San Marcos city manager

  1. The legacy of this council/Commissions. Even Mr Nuse got tired of all the grand standing and indecision’s .
    I believe this is a sign.

  2. We don’t know for sure whether this was the first time he had brought the topic up, but I sure hope it wasn’t….because it’s pretty chickenS#!+ to quit via e-mail.

  3. We really should try to get an honest assessment from Nuse on our state of city government and the functionality of that entity.
    This would be a great for us to get a reality check with an assessment from someone with an impeccable background and history with the city up north with an unbelievable growth trend.
    Would be great to try once again to have a honest to goodness experienced person for the city mgr position. But the powers to be have to understand that this is a mgr type government not one run by social desires of one group vs another.
    As far as how someone resigns, that would be a personal matter.

  4. I have always and will continue to think the world of Jim Nuse. If it was up to me I would issue him stop loss orders and keep him here. Given that the man has earned the right after a 30 year career to enjoy life and spend time with his wife, kids and grand kids. I wish both him and Daisy the best of luck and was honored to have him serve our community as City Manager.

  5. Jim, you have earned my respect. I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors,

  6. I don’t understand why Ms. Jamison has not been considered before for City Manager. I have observed Ms. Jamison in action for over two decades in her work serving the City of San Marcos. It is time for the City of San Marcos to consider someone who knows our community and holds public policy leadership to the highest of ethical standards. I strongly urge the Mayor and City Council to select Ms. Jamison as a permanent City Manager.

  7. If Jim wanted to say that his email account had been hacked and he would like to stay on I would accept that without question.

  8. I think that is high time for the city of San Marcos to hire Ms. Jamison!!! She knows the history and fits the job description PERFECTLY!!!

  9. Jim Nuse is a friend, a smart man and a manager who truly cares about people. His door was always open and he mediated the very strongest of differences- for 30 years. When he first started the job, i began to receive emails from Round Rock and Austin saying “You are really going to enjoy him- he will be great for San Marcos”. He was. Enjoy your retirement, from an amzing career, my friend. You have earned it.

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