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kyle police p1 w mercuryKYLE — Apparently responding to rumors regarding the death of Phillip Duran on April 28, the Kyle Police Department (KPD) put out a statement Thursday saying the investigation is ongoing and that it may take several weeks to develop some of the relevant information.

In particular, Chief Jeff Barnett said, Kyle police expects to wait a while for finalized laboratory evidence and medical reports.

Duran’s body was found in tall grass near the southwest corner of the intersection at Kyle Parkway and Kohler’s Crossing on April 28 after he went for a late night run the previous evening.

The police department said it has since then conducted numerous interviews and collected evidence regarding the suspected hit-and-run accident.

“We realize that there have been numerous rumors circulating through the community regarding this incident,” Barnett said. “As is the case with rumors, many have been proven to be completely false information. While we are not at liberty to publicly provide all of the specifics of this ongoing investigation, we do want to be clear that we have identified the information relating to the incident. We are simply waiting for the finalization of laboratory examinations and medical reports before an official case presentation is made to the District Attorney’s office.”

The department’s statement said it has informed the Hays County DA’s office of the status of the investigation and kept the family apprised of its progress. The department said it will continue to work with all the parties in the case and will release more information as soon as it is available.


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