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Automobile companies headquartered in Asia — Hyundai, Honda and Toyota — accounted for seven in 10 new passenger cars sold in Hays County in the first quarter of 2013.

Local dealerships sold 319 Hyundais, 270 Hondas and 143 Toyotas in the first three months of the year, amounting to 69.8 percent of 1,046 new cars bought during the period, according to the Freeman Auto Report, a Dallas-based company that compiles vehicle registration data. Chevrolet was a distant fourth with 74 sales.

Despite the dominance of South Korea- and Japan-based brands, local sales of domestically manufactured (517) and imported cars (529) were nearly even split.

For example, 67 percent of Hondas and 51 percent of Toyotas were assembled at one of those Japanese companies’ U.S. plants; although Hyundai manufactures Elantras and Sonatas in Montgomery, Ala., all of those sold in Hays County were imported, according to Freeman’s data.

Truck buyers, meanwhile, preferred Ford (215), followed by Toyota (114) and Chevrolet (75). Nearly 78 percent of new trucks sold in Hays County were manufactured in the U.S., according to Freeman Auto Report.

SOURCE: Freeman Auto Report

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