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Lifelong San Marcos resident Jaimy Breihen grills hotdogs on Feb. 5 before a city council vote on the proposed Lazy Oaks Ranch development. MERCURY PHOTO by BRAD ROLLINS

Lifelong San Marcos resident Jaimy Breihan grills hotdogs on Feb. 5 before a city council vote on the proposed Lazy Oaks Ranch development. MERCURY PHOTO by BRAD ROLLINS


Jaimy Breihan, the eccentric local activist who successfully waged war against a major student housing development on Sessom Creek, is near death following an ATV accident Saturday.

Jaimy Breihen addresses developer Darren Casey and his representatives at a Jan. 18 city council meeting. MERCURY PHOTO by SEAN BATURA

Jaimy Breihan addresses developer Darren Casey and his representatives at a Jan. 18 city council meeting. MERCURY PHOTO by SEAN BATURA

The 53-year-old San Marcos native lost control of his Suzuki four-wheeler while driving on Hillcrest Drive near his home after leaving a neighborhood gathering. At the party, he rallied friends for another round of battle against San Antonio developer Darren Casey, who is trying again to secure city permission to build his luxury Sessom Creek residential/retail complex.

Breihan suffered severe head trauma in the accident, friends say, and has been in critical condition at University Medical Center at Brackenridge. He was expected to be taken off life support this morning.

A group of his allies held a solemn tailgate party outside Tuesday night’s planning and zoning commission where Breihan often grilled hotdogs before important development votes. P&Z chair Bill Taylor started the meeting with a moment of silence for Breihan.

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“I visited Jaimy Breihan in ICU tonight. The nurses said that he might be able to hear me so I told him that we would continue the fight to save his beloved canyon. I told him I would do my best to continue the actions that are inspired by his steadfast and unwavering determination. I told him it was okay to go and that we would hold down the fort. I told him that I loved him.”

Larry Mock via

“We are grateful for the outpouring of love and concern for our family and especially Jaimy. We are honoring Jaimy’s wishes and he will begin the transition to his new life tomorrow (today). The family asks for your continued love and support and much needed privacy at this time. Information for future arrangements will be announced at a later date.”

Stacy Breihan via

“San Marcos lost a pillar in our community, last night I paid my respects to the family, said goodbye and prayed with Jaimy Breihan, he leaves us soon for the ever after. Please pray and provide comfort to the family of Jamie Breihan, his father Ted and the many friends that will dearly miss him.”

Jude Prather via Facebook

Jaimy Breihan spent the last day before his accident doing what he loved most, spending time with family and friends under the shade of the trees of the Sessom Creek neighborhood.  Always the true Texas character he joked with friends, questioned a women running for school board, took a few cracks at the piñata, and spoke of his plans to do battle with Darren Casey again to save his beloved canyon. As the party was coming to an end he told his parents, Francis and Ted, goodbye and walked some of the women their homes.  The tents and tables had been taken down and the last words we heard him say were that he was going to take his four wheeler down to his house to get his truck and load up the tents and tables.  I told him see ya on Tuesday, waved  and got in my car and left.  Moments later the accident took place and I didn’t find out about it until the next morning.

Police say speed might have been a factor, but in addition the wreck occurred right at his driveway and the tracks that are still visible went sharply to the left.  We all believe he was avoiding an animal as Jaimy had such a huge love for animals and would not think twice about endangering himself to avoid hurting an one.  Alcohol was not a factor, Jaimy was with his parents and their friends that had known him all his life, he was being a true Southern gentlemen doting on them and making sure they had what they needed.  It would actually make more sense if alcohol had been involved, because there would be a reason for such a senseless tragedy that we could all understand; none of us can conceive why this had to happen.

Jaimy sustained many injuries, causing those on the scene to believe that the ATV rolled on top of him, but the most serious injury was brain trauma that kept in a coma. Since the first 24 hours were so very critical as to whether he stayed on this earth with us or not, I organized a prayer vigil on Sunday night at the running track that was dedicated to his sister Dawn 2 years ago.  I didn’t even start getting the word out until 3:00 that day, and still more than 50 people (some running up after just having found out) showed up at around 7:00 p.m. and sent prayers for a miracle and comforted his family.  There were many candles lit and held by friends and family to hold Jaimy’s light. Afterwards a large group of us went down into the canyon where a large crystal cluster, mined by Lisa Prewitt, had been placed when the first round of student housing proposals for the canyon were underway more than a year ago.  The crystal was placed in front of Jaimy’s home by the cross that has stood there for so many years, because it was now needed to protect our beloved friend.

Don Eyssen has erected a lighted cross and heart above Jill Keith’s house that is raised so high you can see it all across the canyon.  Jaimy has such a big heart and love of the canyon that it is the perfect way to keep his light shining.

Jaimy has take a turn for the worse twice now since he arrived at the hospital.  We all fear the worst may come, but his family will make an announcement when and if there is one to be made.

Melissa Derrick via email

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27 thoughts on “Friends brace for passing of colorful activist Breihan

  1. We’re so sorry to hear this; our thoughts & prayers are with you all.
    Love, Gene and Virginia

  2. Keeping the Breihan family in my thoughts and prayers. God please give this family the strength needed to get through this difficult time and let them know they are loved by many, many friends.

  3. So sorry to hear about Jaimy. My and my family’s thoughts and prayers go out to the whole Breihan family, as well as those who knew Jaimy most.

    In moments like this, I often find solace in this quote, and I hope others do as well:

    Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.
~Rossiter Worthington Raymond

  4. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Nothing but respect for JB for standing. I hope comfort finds all who were close to him.

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  6. My family and I are lighting candles now and lifting up light and love for Jaimy and the Breihan family. There are some beautiful poems that Jaimy composed called, “A Reflective Collection of Life” (Jewels of the Stream) which all truly reflect his soul’s compassion for nature and his faith in God. In this time of sorrow, I help this particular poem he wrote will bring some comfort and peace to you as it has for me.

    Roughened fragments,
    Initially offering no brilliance for the world to behold,
    Tumbling aimless at times,
    Our beauty ever so slowly begins to unfold.

    Sometimes veiled in obscurity,
    Momentarily embraced by the mossy mire,
    Our burdens seems to consume,
    As if fueled by the flames of life’s fire.

    In a fleeting moment,
    The current again polished to a magnificent sheen,
    Until at last we have become
    Jewels of the stream. Jaimy Lamar Breiham June 16, 1994

  7. Jaimy my heart goes out to your mom, dad, brother, extended family and all your dear friends who love you so very much. You will truly be missed and remembered well.

  8. Jaimy is truly one of the brightest jewels in our stream. His love and passion for defending the natural world of his home will long burn in our memories. I join others in being so grateful for all Jaimy has contributed to our lives.

  9. Our thoughts are with Jaimy and his family. We do not know the Breihans, except from their public activities and their company. We praise the family for their commitment to the community of San Marcos, for their time and effort, their organizing and publicity and for their customer friendly
    business practices. Our hearts go out to each of them.

  10. I have no doubt that I am a better person and more gracious activist by following Jaimy Breihan’s examples. The more I listened to him and MD and DW and JT, the less inclined I was to spew emotional rants.The dude doesn’t whine. Choices are simple for Jaimy. If he feels it’s right, he’s doing it. Just that one lesson is a lot to learn from a person. I’m grateful.
    That was my post this morning. Now my concern is for his family. I feel he has never given up and will remain watchful on us and our town. The best I can do to honor him is to keep the faith and strive to do the right thing in the same gracious manner. He showed me a different approach and how important it is to be vigilant.Im sure he will still speak at City Council meetings. Through all of us, as we honor his life by following his example. Thank you, Jaimy. Thank you to the Briehan family. And thank you Lord for the loan.

  11. from the family, please respect their privacy ~ this was written yesterday.

    We are grateful for the outpouring of love and concern for our family and especially Jaimy. We are honoring Jaimy’s wishes and he will begin the transition to his new life tomorrow. The family asks for your continued love and support and much needed privacy at this time. Information for future arrangements will be announced at a later date.

  12. Dear Jaimy,

    You’re like a bird freed from its earthly cage soaring in the heavens and bathed God’s light and love.

    You’re truly missed here, but we know your spirit still lives both in heaven and in our hearts.

    God bless you, Jaimy.

  13. My sincere condolences to Ted, Francis and the entire Breihan family during this difficult time.

  14. Jaime passed on this morning. My sincere heartfelt sympathies to each of the Breihan’s ….. Jaime was such a gentle giant at wanting peace in all the good out there.

  15. The date for Jaimy’s funeral service has not been announced, but it will be delayed for a week or more.

    In the meantime, there is a memorial of sorts at Jaimy’s house. He kept a wooden cross in his front yard. Friends and neighbors have placed flowers, candles, and other mementos under his cross. You are welcome to go there and to leave your own memento in remembrance of Jaimy.

  16. Our prayers and thoughts are with your family as Jaimy will be terribly missed. San Marcos has lost a kind and wonderful man. God Bless the Breihan Family.

    Tommie and Delbert Maywald

  17. I have known Jaimy for many years and attended three meeting with him recently. I am shocked and saddened.
    My thoughts and prayers are with the Breihan family, Jaimy (and Dawn).
    John P. Crowley

  18. Brad- you have his last name with an “Breihen” in your headline & in the caption under one of the pictures. Its spelled Breihan

  19. I’ve heard it will be a week and perhaps longer before there will be a service.

    From the family ~ Our parents are taking a breath & planning a service that will be in the best image of who Jaimy was as a son/brother and steward to our community. Thank you in advance for being patient during this time.

  20. We used to live on Ridgeway Drive. Jaimy was our neighbor (directly behind us). Shortly after we moved in our son turned two. We hadn’t known Jaimy for long, but he came over and brought my son a beautiful red birdhouse for his birthday. Jaimy inspired me to teach my son to explore, love, and protect nature. In his honor I intend to take my son to Sessom Creek and work harder to instill in him the values that Jaimy modeled. I am so grateful to have known such a warm and generous soul. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  21. All too often we don’t realize what we had,…until it is forever gone. This goes for Jaimy himself, as well as those irreplaceable features and the valued beauty that defines San Marcos, which he worked so tirelessly to save and to preserve. We who also care and who remain here, will most surely carry it forward…. Peace and fond remembrance, Jaimy Breihan.

  22. Jaimy i miss you brother sittin by river talking about life ive been away from texas for couple yrs went by cafe on sq for breakfast asked waitress if she had seen you and your family lately she gave me sad news cryed in my tacos as i sat remembered our snorkeling river together my prayers are with your family and for you my friend till we meet again in heaven my GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL

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