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City council member Kim Porterfield celebrating Mayor Daniel Guerrero’s re-election in November 2012. MERCURY PHOTO by BRAD ROLLINS

City council member Kim Porterfield celebrating Mayor Daniel Guerrero’s re-election in November 2012. MERCURY PHOTO by BRAD ROLLINS


San Marcos city council member Kim Porterfield told supporters over the weekend that she will not seek a third term in the November municipal election.

In an March 30 email, Porterfield said she wants to “spend the remainder of my term working on important issues for our city, such as the comprehensive master plan, the city budget and, especially, the Youth Master Plan.”

Porterfield, 52, is considered a possible candidate for mayor in 2014 and her apparent decision to bow out of this year’s race could point to that eventuality. Had she been re-elected this year, she would have had to quit her seat in a matter of months to run for mayor. State law requires officeholders with more than a year left in their term to resign before seeking a higher office.

Here is the text of Porterfield’s statement:

“It has been a great honor to represent the citizens of San Marcos and I am proud to have been part of a team that has moved San Marcos forward,” she said. “I’m grateful to have been involved in the progress San Marcos has experienced.”

A long-time advocate for youth and education in San Marcos, Porterfield said she preferred to make her announcement now so that she could focus her energy on important city projects, including the comprehensive master plan, the 2013-2014 city budget and her pet project, the San Marcos Youth Master Plan.

“I am excited about the momentum of the Youth Master Plan that will help us improve outcomes for our most vulnerable citizens, youth and families,” said Porterfield. “We have much to accomplish in the coming months and I want to be free to work on these projects,” she said. “I love serving on the council, and after six years, it will be time for me to focus more on my family and my career.”

During her two-term tenure, Porterfield was elected by her council peers to terms as Mayor Pro Tem and Deputy Mayor Pro Tem and was the council’s representative to the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Board and general assembly representative to the Capital Area Council of Governments.

She also serves as an executive board member and the finance committee chairperson of the Lone Star Rail District, a regional group focused on moving freight rail lines to the east and bringing passenger rail to the Austin-San Antonio corridor.

She currently serves on the board of the Hays Caldwell Public Utility Agency, a regional consortium of local governments and water supply companies that are securing long-term water supply alternatives for the rapidly-growing region.

For three years, Porterfield has been a member of the Council on Youth, Education and Families of the National League of Cities. “Developing our community’s youth voice and focusing attention on the relationship among strong families, schools, economic development and citizen prosperity has been very rewarding for me personally.”

She is also the council representative to the Capital Area Rural Transportation Board and served as the chair of the regional urban transit board, which recently spearheaded the creation of the local urbanized transit area to improve public transportation in the community.

Porterfield moved to San Marcos in 1979, to attend Texas State University, where she studied journalism. She has more than 30 years of experience working with San Marcos schools, non-profit agencies and other community organizations. Among her honors and achievements are her induction into the San Marcos Women’s Hall of Fame in 2004, Texas State Employee of the Year in 2002, United Way of Hays County Volunteer of the Year for 2003, and Leadership San Marcos Class of 2002.

Porterfield was hired by Texas State University in 2001, and is currently the director of Community Relations, where she oversees local higher education awareness programs, Discover Texas State, student service opportunities, Pack It Up and Pass It On, and other community/university partnerships. Prior to joining Texas State, Porterfield was the Community Liaison for San Marcos CISD for eight years after starting her San Marcos career as a reporter and photographer for the San Marcos Daily Record.

Her community service is extensive. She currently chairs the board of directors of the United Way of Hays County, a volunteer board she has served on for more than 20 years. She is also a director on the board of the San Marcos Education Foundation, where she served a term as president. Porterfield served a term on the board of directors of the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce, where she chaired the Education Committee for two years.

Porterfield is a member of the San Marcos League of Women Voters, several parent teacher organizations, and the San Marcos High School Tennis Booster Club.

A member of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Porterfield and her husband, Winton, have two daughters – Carlie, a freshman at Texas State, and Sara Jo, a junior at San Marcos High School.

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30 thoughts on “Porterfield says she won’t seek third term

  1. lol you got to love auto correct. thank you for all THE years of service and all you do for San Marcos

  2. Woohoo! She’s leaving! Maybe now we can get someone in who actually represents San Marcos citizens and not the developers.

  3. Not likely Sally. Don’t have to be so smug. Thank you Councilwoman Porterfield for some of your recent votes and your concerns on transparency in the school district. You’ve been rocking San Marcos lately. Thank you for our past service to our community both on the Dias and boots on the ground. Best Regards!

  4. Ms. Coppeletta you say don’t be so smug, but what about Ms. Porterfield who seemed rather smug herself when she stated at council meetings that she knew her friends and neighbors wanted her to vote against Cape’s Camp and seemed to acknowledge the risk of flooding in that area? Who was bring smug? Yes, I am happy she will not be returning and I’m sure I’m not the only one shares these sentiments.

  5. Ditto Sally !….And be sure to VOTE NO on the ALL IN ONE / MIX- THE- POISON- WITH-THE- REAL- NEEDS- SCHOOL- BOND- PROPOSAL. The last thing we need is to force local taxpayers to fund the “craddle to grave” failed PRE-K/ HEAD START/ guberment sponsered daycare programs, and build a building to memorialize them with, not to mention staffing and operation costs until???? Yep, the little taxpayer funded education machine is about to lose it wheels, Core 4 pressure to indoctrinate kids early( age 4 and sooner ) and herd them all to under-valued, over priced, debt consumed higher education. Statistics prove that these “nanny state” attempts to hijack America are failing, absolutely nothing more than warehousing, feeding and enabling those that participate. Argggggggg…PLEASE READ THE MOODYS REPORT THAT APPEARED IN THE HUFFINGTON POST SEVERAL WEEKS AGO, HIGHER EDUCATION DOWNGRADE, ETC. 🙂 jlb

  6. I’m against the bond packages. I was only for a new administration building. Good to see y’all are as pro active as Kim in enhancing transparency for San Marcos School district. Oh, that’s right your not. Snark snark

    We will never get anti development candidates, or those for RESPONSIBLE development, elected because of the cliques in this town. Good to see you energizing the South Side Jaimy. Oh, that’s right not in YOUR back yard.

  7. Keep your single issue sarcasm to yourself. The class warfare/ race card fad is ending now Lisa, hard to keep a fake agenda alive once it is exposed. I care about the north, east, south and west sides of our city, country, etc. Fighting this battle has absolutely nothing to do with the valid causes that you have supported in the past,we just happen to have a much broader viewfinder to observe through. And please, keep your negativity about why you think I do what I do to yourself, you are doing nothing but hurting the causes that,in the end, we actually have shared interest in. Open your mind up a bit please, and let go of the worn out dogma that serves no greater good. Unify, don’t seperate, cummulative energy can conquer, dissention only weakens. Peace, let it rest now and seek solutions. 🙂 jlb

  8. Ms. Coppeleta you are right I don’t hold out much hope in getting someone who isn’t prodevelopment, but maybe we can hope for someone who is at least responsible development. Your views seem rather defeatist, I’m disappointed since weren’t you the one trying to organize a recall of our city council members? If you think we can’t get someone better in Ms. Porterfield’s place what was the point of the recall? Honestly, I didn’t get on here to start arguing with others, but just couldn’t help myself when I saw that she was leaving.

  9. I stopped the recall after the “Wanted Poster” was put out without being advised. It was tacky and not agreed upon by the core group of 50 volunteers. I don’t want to be apart of that sort of rhetoric. I have disagreed with some of Ms. Porterfield’s votes. And, have agreed with some of her votes. It takes guts to put yourself out there. Some people just like to banter on Mercury and complain vs. actually doing something. My views are realistic as someone who has been involved in local politics for two decades. We will get more of the same. I have hope for one candidate that may run for her spot. If this person runs, watch out San Marcos we will be in good shape ! =) The point is that we (a) need a slate of candidates, which we never get because of all the cliques. Or, (b) need to unify the South Side with other sides of town. This i have yet to see from recent candidates. I tell them “you better walk the southside” but they don’t. To bad our county court eliminated the Victory Gardens voting box. FOR SHAME!!!

  10. I am also happy that Ms. Porterfield is not running again. I know there could be worse council members, but being an optimist, I am hoping that a good candidate will step forward. Yes, thank you for school district transparency, but what about City Council transparency? Something she could have taken a lead on and been pro-active about?

    I voted for Kim Porterfield and I was very disappointed that she failed to represent me on the dais. She is a nice person and she has brought some good programs to San Marcos, but that doesn’t mean that she was good for all San Marcos. She left her mark (or should I say scar) on the community with her votes to support development, even development that does not co-exist with existing neighbors. The Retreat, Lazy Oaks and the apartments at Capes Camp were all supported by Ms. Porterfield – and they will all go on to be environmental eyesores.

  11. I find it quite unfortunate that LMC continues to try and blame others for her failures. Let me enlighten you LMC, you control no one but yourself and the decisions / agendas that you choose to partake in.I find it truly sad that you would continue to try and blame others for your own shortcomings. Foolishly attempting to divide our community, and slander those that disagree with your typically “single issue” mantra, is getting a little worn. There are too many positive things that you could be spending your time and energy on instead of shamefully attempting to discredit those that have no associations with you, or your causes. I believe that this is at least the third time now that you have been advised of the seriousness of your maligned miscalcultions and feeble attempts to disparage others, particularly myself and the media releases of Protect San Marcos,including the valliant work that many have been doing for the past 16 months to stop ” stupid developements” in our beautiful city. Let me make it very clear what the world already knows to be true, WHAT YOU THINK AND DO IS YOUR BUSINESS, AND IN NO WAY DICTATES THE ACTIONS OF OTHERS IN OUR COMMUNITY THAT ARE NOT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM ASSOCIATED WITH YOU OR YOUR IDEOLOGIES. Back to the article, in closing, I would like to say that although I disagree with most of Kim Porterfields agendas and developement related votes, I also must acknowledge her committment to the duty of public service that she has chosen to participate in for many years now. 🙂 jlb

  12. The leaflet up at your website was not was was on the news nor what was sent to me. My comments were not directed at you Jaimy, you can choose to take it that way. Someone asked and I responded. That is the truth and all the people involved in the social movement know the truth. The truth hurts. The actions of a tacky person led me to take action to stop the social movement. To bad you can’t respect that Jaimy. It was a consensus building movement, to bad that is out of your area of team building paradigm Jaimy. Have fun with your Mercury rants because they won’t protect our river.


    To bad we agree on the substance of Cape’s Camp but disagree on a tactful way to approach the problem. And, clearly by the numbers at the last protest, i was correct – the leaflet turned off many voters and community activists. It went from 200 people attending meetings to like 10, Have fun with your group of 10. That will not win elections.

  14. PS
    Finally, its is hilarious that you disassociate yourself from our movement that cropped up to recall last fall. Your on the video, we talked on the phone, we spoke on strategy. Whomever made that leaflet, good luck with your form of organizing. You need to take some social movement classes. Laters, back to my comic about San Marcos.

  15. LMC, I wish you the best of luck in your organizing efforts. I have no interest in organizing, or ever pursuing any form of public office personally. I only want to inform and educate, to the best of my ability, those that are negatively impacted by adverse developement projects. FYI, I talk to many people about many topics,however, that does not join me at the hip with them ideologically. Best of luck, with all sincerity, your tireless efforts to make San Marcos a better place do not go un-noticed. 🙂 jlb

  16. I just wanted to let people know that Jaimy Breihan was involved in a severe single ATV accident Sat. night and is in critical condition at Brackenridge Hospital in Austin. Please keep him and our family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you

  17. Michele, I am so sorry to hear of Jaimy’s accident.

    I’ve just been told that tonight (Sunday) at 7 pm there will be a prayer circle for Jaimy at the Crockett Elementary School running track.

    Please come if you can, everyone is welcome.

  18. I am not sure where else to post updates for anyone interested / We are grateful for the outpouring of love and concern for our family and especially Jaimy. We are honoring his wishes and he will begin the transition to his new life tomorrow. The family asks for your continued love and support and much needed privacy at this time. Information for future arrangements will be announced at a later date.

  19. Michele, I am so sorry to hear this. A number of us stayed late after P&Z tonight and had a cookie tailgating get together in Jaimy’s honor. I do not know him well and did not always see eye to eye but I learned to respect him and enjoyed BSing with him eating hotdogs before P&Z. I wish you and your family comfort during this trying time.

    I am really disappointed in the SM Mercury for not running a story on this. Even if the owner of this site does not see eye to eye with him, he was one of the more regular contributors to this site and, in my opinion, there should be a story on it.

  20. I am also disappointed in no article about Jaimy. We have been sharing the updates via facebook. Brad, what gives with no article? A tad bizarre. Thank you to the San Marcos Daily Record for running two articles. The Breihan family is in our thoughts and prayers. Best Regards, LMC

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