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police newsSan Marcos police are searching for the driver of a light colored 2000 to 2006 Toyota Tundra pickup with a camper that struck and critically injured a pedestrian in downtown San Marcos early Sunday.

Abdulrhim Khalid Alesddigi, 23, was struck by the hit and run driver around 2:45 a.m. Sunday at the intersection of North Guadalupe and West Hopkins Street.

Downtown officers Kye Kennedy and Tiffany Williams found Alesddigi lying unresponsive in the street in the 100 block of West Hopkins. They administered CPR and restored a pulse to the victim by the time medics arrived.

He was transported to University Medical Center at Brackenridge in Austin where he remained in critical condition Sunday.

Witnesses told police that Alesddigi was crossing West Hopkins against the light when the pickup truck struck him. Evidence left at the scene indicates that the suspect vehicle was damaged on the passenger side fender and is missing the passenger side mirror.

Anyone with information is asked to call Williams, lead investigator in the case, at 512-393-8081 ext. 9413, Crime Stoppers at 353-TIPS (8477) or statewide, 800-324.8477.

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15 thoughts on “Police seek driver in downtown hit-and-run

  1. It’s my understanding that vehicles must always yield to pedestrians, even if they’re crossing illegally.

    No matter…it was a hit and run, and that takes what would otherwise have been a tragic and avoidable accident and catapults it into something despicable.

    Hopefully the po-po can pull that truck’s license plate number from traffic cameras located in the downtown area and put that loser in jail.

  2. Tarl
    You are incorrect. Pedestrians have to yield to a vehicle if it has a green light. You cant just walk out into traffic whenever you want just because you are in a crosswalk. Also, the traffic cameras you see around town dont record anything. They only trigger the lights to change when a vehicle approaches so you aren’t sitting there forever.

  3. Who is at fault for the accident is immaterial, if the driver fled the scene.

    I’d be ashamed to have raised someone like that.

  4. So true, if the driver had stopped to render aid, then I don’t see how the driver would be held responsible, of course unless intoxicated. But since the driver fled the scene the whole situation now changes.

  5. Hi yall,

    If you have something good to say… Tell me I need info about the person who hit me and ran thanx.

  6. I don’t have any information to share, but it is good to see that you survived and are (at least) doing well enough to post online. Hopefully the person who hit you will be found and brought to justice.

  7. Glad to see you online here, Mr. Khalid.

    Just a thought: No one is crazy about the thought of living in a surveillance society. But wouldn’t it have been useful to have a traffic cam on W. Hopkins capable of capturing a still of the Toyota pickup as it fled the scene — perhaps complete with license plate?

    Then you wouldn’t have hit-and-run victims going online six months after the fact to plead for help in finding the rotten excuse for a human who mowed them over.

  8. The smart-ass in me wants to say “sounds like a perfectly reasonable alternative to raising people to take responsibility for their actions.”

    I can’t count how many (presumably) drunk overnight hit and runs I’ve heard about in recent years, whether it was a person who was hit, or someones personal property. Someone totaled his car in my front yard, and wandered off into the woods. Someone else did the same, in my neighbors yard, leaving the car in flames, only to stumble back and claim he was searching for his stolen car.

    How many cameras are we going to buy?

  9. The police officer told me that there is footage of the accident but the photo or video was unable to get a clear image of the licence plate.

  10. If they have the mirror it should be possible to identify the exact make and model. I would publish that and as much more detail a possible. I guarantee someone knows who did this.

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