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Ongoing installation of a sewage main along Bishop Street is expected to improve sewage problems in existing neighborhood and add capacity for anticipated development along Craddock Avenue.

View Franklin lift station extension in a larger map

The project will lay about 2,300 feet of 10-inch pressurized wastewater pipe under the major arterial road between Advance Street and Franklin Drive. When the force main is installed, Bishop Street will be resurfaced.

Northbound traffic on Bishop will detour to Dartmouth Avenue. Southbound traffic will not be detoured. Both lanes of Bishop will be opened at the end of each workday and on weekends when possible, city spokesperson Melissa Millecam said.

The wastewater main will serve existing homes in the Franklin Square, Castle Forest and Oak Heights neighborhoods. It will also accommodate new homes going up in the Majestic Estates subdivision, a 50-acre single-family subdivision the first section of which is about halfway built out, as well as a portion of the 463-unit development on what is commonly called the Buie tract.

The wastewater main project started last week and is expected to be completed in mid-July. The Franklin lift station will eventually have to be expanded itself to meet future demand.

In January, city council awarded the $274,968 construction contract to Austin-based Aaron Concrete Contractors L.P. whose low bid came in under the $398,665 cost estimated by engineering firm K. Friese & Associates.

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3 thoughts on “Wastewater project to detour Bishop traffic for months

  1. Maybe they could install curbs so Bishop looks like a city street we can be proud of instead of a raggedy country lane.

  2. I just said over the weekend, “Whatever they’re doing, I hope they add curbs when they’re done.”

    For such a heavily-driven street, it’s really ugly.

  3. Side walks and curbs would be nice. Get out of that ghetto look with cars parked in the dirt and grass all the time. Maybe stop the police parking in the ditch with a radar gun trying to catch speeders.

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