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The city of San Marcos Engineering Department and the Texas Department of Transportation will host an open house on Thursday, March 21 to discuss plans and take public comment on construction of an overpass on Aquarena Springs Drive over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

The open house will be held Thursday in Room 3 at the San Marcos Activity Center, 501 E. Hopkins Street, beginning at 6 p.m. At 6:30 p.m., a formal presentation will be given, followed by a public comment period.

Area business owners, residents and all interested citizens are encouraged to attend.

The proposed project will construct a bridge structure to span the existing UPRR tracks to increase area mobility and safety along Aquarena Springs Road without the current interruptions resulting from daily multiple train crossings. Some 40 freight and passenger BoardB.aitrains a day travel through San Marcos.

Post Road will be realigned and widened at its intersection. Sidewalks and bike lanes will be added.

The layout of the proposed project and typical sections of the bridge improvements will be displayed at the Open House. City and TxDOT staff will be on hand to answer any questions from the public and accept comments.

For more information on this project call the city of San Marcos Engineering/Capital Improvements Department at 512-393-8130.

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4 thoughts on “Aquarena Springs overpass moving forward

  1. Good. This project needs to happen – moreso than anything else I can think of that’s been done in San Marcos over the last 10 years.

  2. Like the PERC plume on Hutchinson that I just found out they shut down one of the sensors and are BUILDING ON TOP OF THE PLUME. REAL RESPONSIBLE DANO. Don’t ya just love that Tetrachloroethene!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    It would be helpful to the rest of the community if you’d fill us in on the details of the things that you find out. Your short retort to Dano might make sense to you, but I’m completely lost….what PERC plume? Who is this “they ” that shut down sensors? Who set up the sensors, and what was the stated goal of the data generated? What can or should be done about it?

    This sounds like an important topic – Please don’t leave us hanging!

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