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A 20-year old San Marcos man identified as Tyler Rhein Schobert died Tuesday after being struck by a train on a track near the 600 block of E. Hopkins Street in San Marcos.
Witnesses said Schobert stepped in front of the train around 1:40 p.m. Tuesday.  He was transported immediately to University Medical Center at Brackenridge in Austin due to the severity of his injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital.
The San Marcos Police Department’s collision investigation team is investigating the incident. San Marcos/Hays County EMS, the San Marcos Fire Department and SMPD responded to the accident.

COVER: A Union Pacific train passes through Kyle on Burleson Street. FILE PHOTO by SEAN CLAES

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4 thoughts on “Pedestrian hit by train dies

  1. According to a report in the University Star: “An employee of H-E-B who wished to remain anonymous said Schobert was a coworker.”

    Guess he was walking home, or just getting to work, and perhaps he thought he could beat the train.

    I did a lot of dumb things when I was 20, but I was lucky. This boy wasn’t. Sad.

  2. Get rid of the damn trains here, wth do they do for us anyways besides blow their damn horns all the way through town in the late hours of the night and come to a dead stop 5 times a month and also only seem to come through when you’re running late for something.

  3. Witness being the chest thumped by train-master train crew with “””YOU WILL SAY…””” or a couple winos drug in?

    Evidence let go

    1. The train has video of this — a public paid for thing —Where is the video???

    2. The train had a event recorder of brakes,lights, horns, etc…public paid for with humongous overcharges—Where are the event recorder readings???

    3. The crossing signal housing has a event recorder with gate operation —.public paid for with humongous overcharges—Where is the crossing house readings?

    4. The crossing maintainer has a hand held that would show if the automated signals were calling him/her to come fix them. Where is the hand held???

    5. The drug/alcohol tests on the train crew are?

    6. The railroad control center recording is?

  4. Tyler was an H-E-B partner. I worked with him a lot at San Marcos #1. He was depressed … I only wish I had done something to help him.

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