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UPDATED: U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen says the 24-year-old Texas State student is his long-lost daughter. He told NBC News that he did not know he had a daughter until about three years ago. See story here.


An apparently Twitter-challenged Tennessee congressman sent flirty public messages to a Texas State University student from the U.S. House floor during the State of the Union address.



First reported by New York Magazine, the tweets to local fashion merchandising student Victoria Brink were soon deleted from U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen’s account but the Sunlight Foundation took screen shots to preserve them for posterity.

Tennessee House Democrat Steve Cohen, like the rest of Congress, was forced to sit through President Obama’s hour-long speech last night, clapping all the while, but like a college kid in lecture, he may have been peeking at his phone. At 9:22 p.m., less than midway through the address, the account @victoria_brink tweeted, “@RepCohen just saw you on tv!” complete with some emoji. Cohen “favorited” the tweet. And according to Politwoops, which archives the deleted messages of politicians, he responded — and then thought better of it.

“@victoria_brinkpleased u r watching .ilu” [sic] Cohen wrote from his BlackBerry, and then deleted three minutes later. He followed up a few hours later with, “@victoria_brink nice to know you were watchin SOTU(state of the union).Happy Valentines beautiful girl. ilu,” but deleted that, too.[/caption]

The congressman’s spokesperson told the magazine that Cohen deleted the messages because they were intended to be sent privately, but that there is no romantic relationship between the two.



“She is the daughter of a longtime friend and they’re pretty much like family,” communications director Michael Pagan is quoted as saying. “He’s known her pretty much her whole life. He has a longtime girlfriend in Memphis.”

According to a profile at College Dozen, the bikini model enjoys Red Bull and vodka, “beer-ritas” at Chimys and floating the San Marcos River at Don’s Fish Camp in Caldwell County. She also confesses an addiction to Herbert’s Taco Hut – a common affliction suffered by San Martians — where she says she eats three times a week and gets a discount for her loyalty to the Tex-Mex Mecca on Riverside Drive.

Yet she manages to maintain a 3.0 grade-point average and hopes to work in the fashion industry, according to the profile.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Texas State University and am grateful for it having prepared me for such an exciting career,” the profile states.

On another website, Brink writes that the best party weekend in San Marcos is “all summer LONG!”

“A river surrounds our school! Everyone has big float parties and huge pool parties! It’s my favorite time to be in San Marcos… even if I have to take summer classes!” the profile states.

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  1. With all the news that needs reporting, and you waste space with this drivel?

    C’mon, surely you can do better!

  2. The scariest part of this article is the reference to Herbert’s Taco Hut as an addiction that afflicts many San Martians. Having once been one of those afflicted I can somewhat understand this sentiment, but if the girl eats there three times a week surely she has noticed something similar to what I did. The last time I ate there, as I was paying for my dinner at the register, there was a giant flying cockroach just hanging out and crawling all over the sucker stand. Right in front of the golden jewelry laden manager who was taking my money. I figure if that roach was so brazen at the checkout then what are all it’s flying and crawling friends doing back in the kitchen, and I have NEVER eaten there again, nor will I. Perhaps San Marcos Mercury could run a story on the Dept of Health Inspections in local eateries rather than running non-sensical drivel like this about a “lost” daughter, implying someone has been missing or worse, incestuous implications about a perfectly innocent exchange between a man ignorant about the internet and his beautiful (albeit WILD) daughter. Seriously.

  3. As usual, the comments are better and more informative than any story Brad can write or copy. Brad, you must be really proud of yourself with this piece of work.

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