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February 6th, 2013
Police make arrest in fatal stabbing at raucous party


San Marcos police have arrested a 20-year-old Austin man they say stabbed and killed another man of the same age at a party on Allen Street early Sunday.



Brelyn Javon Sorrells, 20, was taken into custody shortly after 5 p.m. Wednesday after he was interviewed at police headquarters. He is charged with murder, a first-degree felony, and is being held at the Hays County jail on a $750,000 bond. Additional charges will likely be filed, city spokesperson Melissa Millecam said.

Sorrells is accused of stabbing Arthur Martinez, 20, who died at Central Texas Medical Center shortly after 1 a.m.

“For the past four days all of our detectives worked on it… Good investigations are about quality, not speed,” Police Chief Howard Williams said.

Officers who arrived at a residence at 704 Allen Street to investigate a noise complaint found about 300 revelers going strong into the early morning hours of Feb. 3.

At some point during the party, Police Chief Howard Williams said, Sorrells and Martinez got into an argument inside the house. Investigators say Sorrells stabbed Martinez.

Police found the weapon used in the attack inside the Allen Street residence and, eight hours later, executed a search warrant at Sorrells’ Austin home. Over the next few days, conducted dozens of interviews with party-goers, Williams said.

The chief said the investigation was complex and made more so by conflicting witness accounts and attempts to obstruct the inquiry.

“There were many witnesses who gave inconsistent statements about the event, and people were tampering with the evidence and with witnesses. I believe that our detectives did an exceptional job in detailing what happened that night. The investigation uncovered additional victims about whom we were not aware the night that it happened,” Williams said.

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13 thoughts on “Police make arrest in fatal stabbing at raucous party

  1. I don’t follow. Was the stabbing after police were called out for the noise complaint, or was there a stabbing, and the police just happened to find out because of the noise complaint?

  2. Other media sources have reported that there was a loud party call the police responded to. They stopped a vehicle leaving the party and discover the guy who was stabbed. The Austin media sources have the family blaming the police for calling an ambulance to get the stabbed guy some critical care. So the party happened first, the stabbing second, the police arriving third, and the discovery of the stabbing. Austin media is heavily involved because they are all from Austin and the Austin PD has not given the media anything for their sensational brand of news lately.

  3. So, somebody at the party was stabbed, and later died, and nobody at the party called the police? Nice.

    I know, I know, it is impossible to prevent all these people from showing up, and impossible for the host to be responsible for anything. Happens to me, every time I have a party.

  4. Thanks for the catch, Dano. I thought it looked weird but spell check assured me it was correct.

  5. I’m live 1800+ miles away I heard about this. Why? Because I know some of the hooligans at this party. It’s so sad that stuff like this happens on a daily basis. It’s sad that someone died. Why? We will never know. Stupidity really. Both of these boys had the potential to be amazing. To be a positive influence on society. Now, neither of them stand a chance because they are all too wrapped up in drama and things that shouldn’t matter.

  6. Let this be a reminder for what kind of crowds this will be attracting in the slated upcoming developments….this crowd is getting out of hand….I drove down Allen st. the night this happened much earlier knowing that as I saw cars parked all the way down the street almost to prospect st. that nothing good would come of that….it’s a shame that our city officials don’t take crime statistics as a serious factor when it comes to placing developments that will attract this crowd next to our quiet neighborhoods

  7. that was my best friend who stabbed author the truth is , 8 people tried to jump him and hit him with bottles over the head it was self defense i was suppose to be with him that night it happen but i had to work the next moring… was over a female and the person who got stabbed was part of the group who tried to jump him…fucked the media…fuck the group of ppl who tried to jump him this is bullshit my best fucking friend is looking at life b/c of some bitch ass nigga who couldn’t fight his own battle..and he knows who he is….there’s a lot more to the this story but long story short brelyn killed that person out of self defense….TRUE SHIT!!!!

  8. Wow KCL, thanks for your third, forth, or fifth hand ‘truth’ of what happened that night since you weren’t there. Totally inappropriate language by the way.

    Sounds like no one is able to tell any truth which makes this a very loooong story. Worth it though to get to the bottom of it though since some poor chap is dead. Tragic all the way around. I wonder if his attitude helped him get jumped. Thug life not so great. Your argument presentation makes you sound like a thug too, awesome.

  9. BPIC. Brelyn was never in a gang, or part of the “Thug Life” you belligerent human being. Second of all KCL is right, he was jumped by a bunch of guys, and I was there to see it. JUSTICE FOR BRELYN JAVON SORRELLS

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