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February 1st, 2013
San Marcos Tonight: 02/01/13


A daily rundown of live entertainment in and around San Marcos tonight, compiled by Mercury Scene Editor Hap Mansfield and our content partners at San Marcos Tonight.


Tonight’s Best Bet

Jamie Wilson, Liz Foster, Kelley Mickwee, and Savannah Welch are the individual components who make up the Trishas, but their sum is far greater than their parts– and their parts ain’t half bad to begin with. Put these ferociously talented, sparky women together and what you get is musical nitroglycerin. Their blended voices could wake the dead, melt an iceberg and charm the peaches off the trees. They will be making magical melodies at the Cheatham Street Warehouse tonight at 9:15 p.m.


Andy Hartsock & the Ninjas at Wake the Dead

Andy Hartsock & the Ninjas. 6 p.m.
@ Wake The Dead, 1432 Ranch Road 12.

Start: 02/01/2013 6:00 pm
End: 02/01/2013 6:00 pm
Venue: Wake the Dead Coffeehouse
Phone: 512-754-9253
1432 Old Ranch Road 12, San Marcos, TX, 78666, United States

AC & the Bad Billys at Triple Crown

Happy Hour with Mark Jungers and Brock Zeman. 6 p.m.
AC & the Bad Billys, The Blue Flames
and The Sonomatics. 10 p.m.
@ Triple Crown, 206 N. Edward Gary.

Start: 02/01/2013 6:00 pm
End: 02/01/2013 6:00 pm
Venue: The Triple Crown
Phone: 512-396-2236
206 N. Edward Gary, San Marcos

Cover Girl at Riley’s Tavern

Cover Girl. 9 p.m.
@ Riley’s Tavern, 8894 FM 1102.

Start: 02/01/2013 9:00 pm
End: 02/01/2013 9:00 pm
Venue: Riley’s Tavern
Phone: 512-392-3132
8894 FM 1102, New Braunfels

Stoney LaRue at Texas Music Theater

Stoney LaRue with Rob Baird. 9 p.m.
@ Texas Music Theater, 120 E San Antonio.

Start: 02/01/2013 9:00 pm
End: 02/01/2013 9:00 pm
Venue: Texas Music Theater
Phone: 512-667-7216
120 E. San Antonio Street, San Marcos

The Trishas at Cheatham Street

Brandy Zdan. 9:15 p.m.
The Trishas. 10:30 p.m.
@ Cheatham Street Warehouse, 119 Cheatham Street.

Start: 02/01/2013 9:15 pm
End: 02/01/2013 9:15 pm
Venue: Cheatham Street Warehouse
Phone: 512-353-3777
119 Cheatham Street, San Marcos,

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