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Models sport two of the variety of scarves available at Krama Wheel.


It’s rare that a gift can do more than give satisfaction and delight to the giver and the receiver but an Austin-based scarf purveyor, Krama Wheel, gives gift giving a lot bang for the buck.

Gift one: The scarves, suitable for both men and women, are hand loomed by weavers in Cambodia’s Takéo province. The weavers, generally women supporting a family, are fairly paid. The cotton of the scarf is also hand dyed, the fringe is hand-knotted and the labels are sewn into the scarves by a workshop of disabled artisans.

Gift two: In Cambodia, a child cannot attend school without a school uniform. Many many Cambodian families cannot afford the clothing necessary to give their children access to education. For every scarf sold Krama Wheel gives a child the uniform necessary to attend school.

Gift Three: A Cambodian seamstress is fairly paid to make the school uniforms enabling her to help support her family.

Gift Four: The stylish lightweight handmade gingham scarves are pretty hip right now so when you buy the scarf, you get the gift of cool.

GIft Five: If you give the scarf as a gift, you get all of the above and the happy feeling you bought a multiplicity of gifts that did a lot of good in the world.

The business model for Krama Wheel is the brainchild of Roni Sivan. Krama, by the way, means scarf in Khmer, the language of Cambodia, although it’s no coincidence that it’s an anagram for karma.

Said Sivan, “It is important to us to make as much of a positive impact as possible on the ground by keeping our production and giving within Cambodia. Our ultimate goal is to expand our model into other parts of the world. Scarves are universal and versatile, and we are excited to continue to bring both men and women fresh, responsibly-crafted items from parts of the world they otherwise might not reach.”

The twenty varieties of scarves are named for the children who have received the hand-sewn uniforms and their stories are told on the Krama Wheel website.

According to the website Sivan’s vision is to “create a colorful online shop for the wanderers and wonderers of the world who take on each day with style and purpose. For those who embrace opportunities to have an impact wherever they go, both near and far.”

Currently the scarves are available online at

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