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Members of the Pi Kapppa Alpha fraternity hosted a “Fireman’s Challenge” fundraiser, donating half the proceeds to the San Marcos Fire Department. The $1,500 check was presented to San Marcos Fire Chief Les Stephens by Pi Kappa Alpha member Tyler Crump. (Left to right) Russell Allen, John Koenig, Karlton Wilson, Karl Kuhlman, Justin Blaha, Chief Stephens, Ethan Oppermann, Tyler Crump, Len Nored, Jordon Hutto and Jonathan Hart. PHOTO by TREY HATT

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One thought on “Fraternity makes donation to firemen

  1. Sitting in the quad, holding up a 5 gallon bucket and clamoring for money is not fundraising. It is supplicating.

    Either way, I guess its good to see that half of the money eventually does go to what they claim it is supplicated for…contrary to what I have believed for the longest time…

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