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December 6th, 2012
Audio: The fading Texas twang


KUT News

When most people think of Texas — and what makes a Texan — one of the first things that might come to mind is the way Lyndon Johnson or the late Gov. Ann Richards spoke. But these days, “talking Texan” sounds a whole lot different than it did just a few decades ago.

“What’s changed over the past few decades is that you don’t automatically have a twang because you’re from here,” says Lars Hinrichs, a linguistics professor at the University of Texas who leads the Texas English Project.


MATT LARGEY reports for KUT News where this story was originally broadcast. It is made available here through a news partnership between the KUT News and the San Marcos Mercury.

COVER: President Lyndon Johnson rests on a low-hanging branch of a Live Oak at his ranch near Johnson City in July 1968. Linguists say the twang that has long been synonymous with Texans is fading. ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOTO

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