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Brittany Henderson, 19, the former Texas State student who sent a bomb threat last week that paralyzed part of campus, used an email address that clearly identified her using her full, real name, an investigator said in court filings.

“I will blow Texas State up to small little pieces starting with the admissions office today at three central time,” Henderson allegedly wrote an university admissions counselor using the email address at about 8:30 a.m. Oct. 18.

Texas State police closed the Admissions Building on N. Guadalupe Street and two nearby residence halls for several hours last Monday in response to the threat. Later the night of the threat and early the next morning, Henderson allegedly sent two more threatening emails, the court documents state.

In addition to the suspect volunteering her own name, Verizon also verified that the email was sent from Henderson’s home IP address in Bryan, Texas State University investigator Alexander Villalobos said in an affidavit used to obtain arrest warrants from Hays County Pct. 2 Justice of the Peace Beth Smith.

One of them reads, “You called the police now I will really blow it up first thing in the morning dumb bitch i am glad i am not a student anymore and you will not find me i am deleting my account.”

The other states, “I will not be arrested because they have no proof i did anything because i never brought the bomb on campus but i will tomorrow and they will not be able to find me because im at my house i hate texas state for life the police better not come back here to my house either 🙂 my family will not tell where i am at or whose desktop im on.”

In Hays County. Henderson is charged with three counts of making a terroristic threat, a third-degree felony, and three counts of making a false alarm, a Class A misdemeanor.

Texas A&M University police are also investigating Henderson as the suspect in a bomb threat that prompted a mass evacuation at Texas A&M on Oct. 19, the day after the Texas State scare, Brazos County Chief Deputy Sheriff Mike Wilson told the the San Marcos Mercury.

Oct 2012 Texas State bomb threat arrest warrant affidavit

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8 thoughts on “Former Bobcat used real name in sending bomb threat

  1. Some one probably tried to do her a favor and tell her she wasn’t college material and she got pissed. Love the smiley face in the middle of her email.

  2. Looks like some of you people who like to rush to judgement owe someone an appology. But I am doubtful that will happen.

  3. No apology. Her phone, her email account, her boyfriend. It’s still stupid behavior on both their parts.

  4. SH, do you allow people to use your cell phone and email accounts? I rather doubt it.

    And why did it take so long for this information to come out? Poor reporting? Bad lawyering?

    As it stands, Ms. Henderson is still in custody.

  5. Since no one posted that she was guilty, or that she had committed a crime, there is no slander or libel. She was arrested. It was her email account. She’s still a fool, even if the charges are dropped.

    Thanks for the 20/20 hindsight.

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