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October 18th, 2012
Q&A: Greg Frank on the issues


EDITOR’S NOTE: The San Marcos Mercury asked city council candidates to answer a few questions about their positions on issues. We are publishing them as they come in. Today, Place 6 council member Shane Scott and his opponent, Greg Frank, take our questions. Early voting starts Oct. 22. Election Day is Nov. 6.


Greg Frank, 32

Occupation/employer: Sales Associate for Garden-Ville of San Marcos

How long have you lived in San Marcos? 6 years

Where in San Marcos do you live? Sessoms Creek neighborhood

San Marcos Mercury: The city’s Capital Improvements Program has identified tens of millions of dollars in infrastructure investments that city officials say need to be made in coming years. Many of these projects are underway but every year many more are deferred for lack of money. Do you have anything concrete to offer in terms of special skills or ideas that will help the city identify more funding so streets and public works projects can be completed sooner?

Greg Frank: Obviously, it is important to get as much out of every dollar locally that we can to continue to not only maintain but prepare our community for the anticipated growth we all expect. Historically, we have utilized state and federal funding to leverage our local investment. In the current political environment these sources have begun to dry up so it is even more critical that we are attentive to each project. I am committed to investing in what we already have on the ground and keeping that in good working order. I am also committed to making those investments that will position us to be competitive in the battle to bring great jobs to our community.

Mercury: You are sharing the ballot with a nonbinding referendum on whether the city should step in to buy property along the San Marcos River known locally as Cape’s Camp. At the same time, a developer is proposing an apartment complex that would include giving 20 acres of riverfront property to the city for a park. Do you think the city should buy Cape’s Camp and adjoining property upfront or take the developer’s donation offer?

Frank: The San Marcos River is the foundation of this region’s historical existence. Land around this unique environmental jewel should be in the public domain. My interest in this property is to provide accessible, usable, engaging, visible, walkable, secure and inviting public space that re-connects our city…..east and west. Sitting along the interstate, the property’s acquisition provides an opportunity for our city to make a bold statement that we are proud of who we are and where we live. The dividend in economic development opportunities for our community would well exceed the cost of acquiring this property. A student oriented multi-family property located along side this unique community asset would forever obstruct public access and visibility as well as dilute the economic development possibilities we would have if it was in the hands of public ownership.

Mercury: This year, the San Marcos City Council voted to outlaw the display or consumption of alcohol in any city-owned park, including those along the San Marcos River. The alcohol ban goes into effect Jan. 1. New park rules approved by the city council also increase littering fines and ban tobacco, Styrofoam and spearfishing. Did the council get the new rules package right? 

Frank: The new parks ordinance coming into effect in January 2013 does not ban tobacco in our parks.

As for the substance of your question, I am in favor of the new ordinance. This is an issue that has been discussed in our city for the past four years and has recently enlisted the support of the Lion’s Club as well as numerous official San Marcos boards and commissions including the City Neighborhood Commission, the River Task Force and the City Parks Board, as well as a clear majority of citizens participating in the various open houses held this past summer.

Looking outside of our community we know that New Braunfel’s parks have been alcohol free for a number of years and recently their voters upheld a container ban which is not included in our rules. Anecdotally, after Galveston instituted similar rules banning alcohol on their beaches, they saw an increase in the number of families visiting their community and an increase in spending as a result. I believe that having a more inviting community and an increase in economic development is a win-win solution.

Mercury: Will you vote to further restrict smoking in public places or put the measure on the ballot for a citywide vote?

Frank: I am in favor of having the concerned citizens within our community have their voices heard on this issue. We are leaving an opportunity on the table with this issue. While there are some that may find us a tobacco haven, I believe it is not only unhealthy for the smoker but those around them. From an economic development perspective, we lose out in attracting a regional, statewide and national draw to our businesses and establishments by not signing on to this proven healthy choice.

Mercury: Under current law, the city can issue only about a dozen conditional use permits to operate a bar in the Central Business District. All the allotted permits were claimed years ago. The current system does allow entrepreneurs to serve alcohol at restaurants but the legal definition of “restaurant” has been in a constant state of flux under city law for the last decade. Do you support changes to the city’s CUP system for bars?

Frank: The current system for approval of establishments that serve alcohol throughout the city is sound. Neighbors should be notified and allowed to express their support, concerns or objections to introduction of alcoholic beverages within close proximity to them. Regarding the Central Business District I believe we should create an environment that attracts not only the students when they are at Texas State but a broadened demographic that brings additional dollars to our restaurants, shops and businesses and puts heads in beds in our hotels.

I am in favor of bringing more great restaurants into our downtown but it does require understanding the intent of each new entrant into the limited space we have currently have available in our downtown. My suggestion would be to allow some flexibility to allow these prospective entrants into our community with a clear understanding that they add to and not detract or create just another 6th Street in our downtown.

Mercury: Do you support forgiving property tax over a set period as a way to encourage companies to relocate or expand in San Marcos? If so, what kind of companies do you support giving economic development incentives to?

Frank: In these difficult economic times it is crucial to support the right kind of job creation in our community, jobs with good wages and benefits. I am open to and support the full array of options on the table to compete with other communities along the corridor, within our state and across the nation to bring great jobs to our city.

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28 thoughts on “Q&A: Greg Frank on the issues

  1. These are not your words Mr Frank, I have talked with you before and you do not have this amount of knowledge nor the vocabulary. Nice try…..It was rumored that you were just a puppet for the John Thomaides group. Now its as plain as day were your words came from. How embarrassing…..I WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU PUPPET. We need independent people, like John T, but not like you.

  2. I’ve spoken with Greg many times and came away impressed. I think he’s a smart young man who has much to offer this community. He certainly seems more than capable of providing these responses, and has never struck me as a puppet in any sense.

    Frankly, if he’s endorsed by John Thomaides, that’s a bonus. We’ve got too many pro-developer rubber stampers on City Council as it is.

    I’m a voter, too. And my vote’s going to Greg.

  3. I first met Mr.Frank about a month ago, after he called and wanted to meet with me. We met at the Coffee Pot downtown. I can say without any reservations Greg Frank is nobody’s puppet. I too am a voter and not only does Greg Frank get my vote, I will encourage everybody I know to also vote for him.

  4. I spoke with Greg Frank about two months ago at a fundraiser for a local nonprofit. He was very knowledgeable and well-spoken, and he seemed genuinely interested in the issues facing the populations that nonprofit serves. And, in my opinion, he seemed much more authentic and compassionate than Shane Scott ever has.

  5. Odd that someone would claim Frank’s words were not his own. That was exactly what I was thinking when I read Shane Scott’s answers. Sounded like a city planner’s response to me. LOL Question is – who is correct in their assessment?

  6. Total BS, the Greg Frank you are all supporting loads cow manure at gardenville as a yard guy for a living. When asked last year about city proposals he knew nothing about them. So in less then a year he understands how to run a city? I doubt it…Just a PUPPET……and I will spread the word to everyone so that this city does not end up in a big jam…Shame on you Lila, Rodney, LK,and Tari , you lie and put the city at risk…

  7. Mr. Voter, you might have more credibility if you had a name. But you don’t. For all we know. You’re “Voter Shane Scott.”

  8. How enigmatic. And sad. Maybe it is just better that you not post at all. Because – if you are working somewhere that might effect your opinion, one way or the other, how can we trust what you post? Do you work at Garden-ville? Do you work for the City? Another council member? We’ll never know. Will we? Best of luck to you.

  9. Wow Voter, I am impressed. By all means please keep up the cowardly, stupid, and jackass comments. You are obviously an intellectual heavyweight. This town needs more of your sage advice. I just wish we knew your name so we could thank you on a more personal level.

  10. Voter, perhaps a manure-loading guy at Gardenville is more in touch with the “common-folk” of the community than you prefer. Perhaps we should legislate which professions are allowed to run for public office. Keep those stupid people that work with their hands out of the democratic process!

  11. I support Greg Frank. I think he’s got new fresh ideas. He joined the military to fight for his country after 9/11, then finished his degree at Texas State. He’s working at GardenVille, sure, but also starting a sustainable farm. I think he has the kind of thinking the community can use. Go Greg! Voter, it’s too bad you hide behind a pseudonym and resort to name calling. I’m not afraid to tell people what I think. Wish the Mercury and Daily Record would endorse candidates as well.

  12. Voter
    What does where you work have to do with speaking your mind. If you are ashamed of what you say, then don’t say it. Regardless if you and I agree on some things or nothing, it makes for a hard adult discussion talking to a make believe person.

  13. Of course Mr. Frank is a puppet for JT, JT’s girlfriend drags him around on a leash everywhere they go. I agree completely that these are not Mr. Frank’s words.
    Considering that, and the neighborhood that Greg lives in, along with the short period of time that he has lived in San Marcos, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to have a ‘career’ (sales associate at Garden-ville??) all lead me to believe that Mr. Frank’s only concern is that there are no apartments/homes built in the Sessom’s creek area, which, ironically enough, his opponent voted AGAINST.

  14. neither has my vote, San Marcos Citizen is correct- his handlers won’t even let him talk to certain voters, what kind of elected official will he be if he act as such as a candidate.

    In fact SMC nails it ! That is zing #2 of 2012!!! Why did you not file against Thomason? Oh, thats right the behind the scenes maneuvering =) aint it grand!!! Scott voted against Sessom.

    However, my prediction is Frank will stomp Scott. See how that works Scott. You forgot who got you elected.

  15. Wasn’t Scott a swing vote on the Hillside Ranch PII? Have you seen that landscape lately? Goodbye older neighborhoods, hello high density residential. But hey! You should have realized that when you were “dumb” enough to buy your house – whether it be 1977, 1987, 1997, or 2007.

  16. It does not matter what someone does for a living, but it does matter how long they have been doing it. Mr. Scott clearly has the most worldly knowledge and business back ground to help more people in this city just as Mitt is a better choice for president.

  17. Integrity matters more. Public officials should represent what the people of San Marcos want. And not vote according to the wishes of their out-of-town campaign contributors.

    And how can you obtain “worldly knowledge” by being stuck in San Marcos for 25 years? LOL Wouldn’t that actually make Greg Frank more “worldly”?

    Perhaps your faulty assessment is colored by your reasoning in selecting a presidential candidate. This isn’t a presidential election. Seriously. It’s not.

  18. Mr. Frank is too young and too inexperienced to understand where the future of a city is to be heading. He maybe convinced the folks living around him, me. If you run a police report, this is the same guy who had police to his house for loud parties and loud roommates. He says he is going to protect people from students? He was just one of the problems 2 years ago…get real…. I live in the same area and there were always parties there. He is nice but we need more then nice..

  19. Well, if we knew who “Carl” was – I guess we might have the opportunity to throw a few. LOL

    And seriously, who gets to “run a police report”? I don’t. Do you?


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