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State Sen. Judith Zaffirini’s exchanges with a Republican and Libertarian challenger at Tuesday’s San Marcos Area League of Women Voters debate demonstrate a sharp contrast between the Laredo Democrat and her stringently anti-government foes.

Zaffirini is expected to easily win re-election over GOP nominee Grant Rostig of Lockhart and Libertarian Joseph Morse of Austin. But upon taking office next year, she will face an increasingly hardline Republican majority in the Texas Senate. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, chastened by his U.S. Senate primary loss to Tea Party-backed Ted Cruz, has already taken away Zaffirini’s chairmanship of the State Senate’s Higher Education committee although he did name her chair of the Government Organization committee.

Baring an earthquake and a tsunami, the senator will certainly win over Rostig and Morse. But the ascendancy of the movement they represent is pulling the center of the state’s politics further away from traditional Texas liberals like Zaffirini and undermining a long tradition of bipartisanship in the Legislature.

In the next session, the senator said she would maintain her focus on early childhood and higher education as well as health and human services funding.

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11 thoughts on “Election 2012 Video: Texas State Senate District 16 (Judith Zaffirini vs Grant Rostig, Joseph Morse)

  1. Wow! I thought this was the opinion page. Why is your paper so pro-Zaffirini? She might have done some good things for her base in the Valley, but what all has she done for people living in Atascosa, Wilson, and Guadalupe counties? We’re in her district, too!

    Granted, the GOP and the Libertarians might not have put decent candidates up to run against her. But aren’t you being a bit biased in your reportage? As I recall, journalists are supposed to be objective.

    Senator Zaffirini is a prime example of why term limits should exist for all elected offices. Why has she been in her position for so long? Isn’t it time to give someone else a chance? All we can hope for is a worthy opponent next time, who is more concerned with ALL of his/her base, and less preoccupied with winning awards and getting elementary schools named after them.

  2. Hopefully the new consrevative Senate and a more conservative Dewhurt will marginalize Zaffirini to the point she will be vulnerable to a challenge by a conservative in the next race.

  3. So if the Mercury reported that Obama had pretty much zero chance at beating Romney in Texas, where the suburbs slavishly vote for anything with an “R” by its name, would that make it pro-Republican?

    Or, if it reported that incumbent-for-life Doggett (it is his destiny to “serve” you know) was going to trounce our humble ex-mayor in the gerrymandered-for-a-democrat-district-35, would that make it pro-Democrat?

    Or is it possible that you can call a skunk a skunk without being pro-skunk yourself?

  4. Mr. Cuningham District 35 is not as you called it, “gerrymandered-for-a-democrat-district-35”. It is a Minority Opportunity District. And in this case, the majority of primary voters chose Mr. Doggett. And in this case, it looks like the majority of general election voters will Choose Mr. Doggett. Funny how that works.
    But I do have one question for you. What did you mean by, “Or is it possible that you can call a skunk a skunk without being pro-skunk yourself?” It is not a phrase I am not familiar with.

  5. It is sad that a person that caused so much destruction to neighborhoods, the environment, river, etc ( SF-6 of our local land developement code ) , and was a pal/pawn of all the old LBJ democrats on Belvin street, could actually pretend to be a conservative, much less a Republican! I actually told someone the other day that they would fall down in disbelief, but that I actually hoped that the old ” UNION HAG PUPPET ” Dogget would win,imagine that, a glaring example of how labels mean nothing it appears. JLB 🙂

  6. Yes, I am well aware who drew this district up. And of course Doggett is going to win and stay in Congress for a 56th term. The district was designed for a democrat to win. The surprise is that it was not a San Antonio Democrat, but Doggett is an undeniably brilliant politician so its really not much of a surprise at all. I met the man once, he makes excellent small talk. Its actually kinda funny that the GOP keeps trying to kill his career and he keeping giving them the finger. I rather enjoy the thought of Dewhurst getting a headache on a golf course somewhere.

    But per this district being designed for a democrat, the GOP has to give some sops to the Dems because they haven’t figured out a way to draw the districts so they win every time. Much like the Dems could not figure out how to do the same when they controlled things around these parts in the days when Bush was simply an incompetent MLB owner (on a side note, could we not have learned something by this?).

    Call it a minority opportunity district if you like – and to suggest that this is not code for democrat is hard to believe; otherwise I suppose the entire state of Texas can be labeled a minority opportunity district after Cruz slamdunks his way into the Senate; I’m not going to hold my breath for that to happen, the labeling of the entire state minority opportunity, that it – it strikes me much more as a way to try and shove as many potential democratic voters into a few consolidated districts so the GOP can maximize its returns in other districts. Oh yeah, and to try and poke as many so-called liberal eyes in Austin as possible.

    From my eyes, all gerrymandering is disgusting whomever does it. It serves the purposes of the parties to keep their power, rather than us people for whom this country is supposed to be about. Very akin to not allowing Jill Stein or Gary Johnson to even participate in the debates because they wouldn’t want different ideas to enter the discourse because then we might actually call them on their crap such as gerrymandering to protect their own power.

    And per the skunk statement I was referring to the first post accusing the Mercury of bias. It seemed to me that rather than bias this small article was much more about explaining what they thought was going on, rather than pushing for one side or another. I chose the word skunk I suppose due to the general smell I associate with politics in general. It was not a shot at any of the candidates per se.

  7. Me a Skunk?

    Thanks for withdrawing the skunk comment, I was wondering if my deodorant had not effective the night I debated Judith. 🙂

    Grant Rostig for State Senator District 21

    Pol. Adv. Grant Rostig

  8. SMMERCURY, PLEASE CORRECT ERROR, but leave the link as is or provide a good forwarding link.

    We are running in District 21 not District 16

    Grant Rostig for State Senator District 21

    Pol. Adv. Grant Rostig

  9. GRANT ROSTIG got it right where it really counts. We the People are SOVEREIGNS. The Texas State Constitution guarantees a “republican form of government” and I think he is the only one who understands that. Mrs. Z is focused on “issues” by her own admission, but unless there are PRINCIPLES to guide the handling of those issues, all is lost and the Socialist, Marxist state will trump over liberty.

    “But the ascendancy of the movement they represent is…undermining a long tradition of bipartisanship in the Legislature.” HALLELUJAH!!!

    What fellowship does Liberty have with Tyranny? “Bipartisanship” is another word for cowardly compromise, and it’s about time that we see a difference between the candidates. We are tired of politicians and their boot-licking “bipartisanship” who repeat ear-tickling mantras just to get elected and then use their position to commit legal plunder and push us further into communist Collectivism. We are ready for some STATESMEN who consider the future of Texas and honor the intent of the Law: to protect our sovereign, individual rights. The only candidate I saw who will do that is GRANT ROSTIG.

  10. I am hoping people understand Grant Rostig is the best choice. I have talked with him extensively … we need more people like him in office.

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