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San Marcos police say they are still waiting to hear from the driver of a pickup truck that plunged off a steep embankment and landed in the midst of a pool party this weekend at a student housing complex.

The driver of a late model Ford F-150 lost control and crashed into the pool area at the Retreat San Marcos apartment complex early Saturday. PHOTO via TWITTER

Witnesses told police that the Ford F-150 veered off the Retreat at San Marcos’ entrance road, crashed through a fence and struck a gazebo roof before landing on its side 15 feet below street level next to the complex’s resort-style swimming pool.

“It didn’t quite end up in the pool, but it was close,” said San Marcos police Sgt. Fred Wisener.

When officers Brady Templeton and Jason Scott arrived at the complex at about 12:20 a.m. Saturday, the driver of the totaled vehicle and its four or five passengers had fled in different directions, Wisener said.

No onlookers were hurt but two alleged passengers of the runaway truck later turned up at Central Texas Medical Center to get treated for injuries, Wisener said. The sergeant said he did not know badly they were hurt except that one of  is listed in a police report as having sustained “incapacitating injuries.”

Neither of the two injured passengers would cooperate with the investigation and the truck’s owner, Elizabeth Castillo of Humble, has not yet responded to officers’ efforts to reach her, Wisener said.

Reached by phone this afternoon, Castillo told the Mercury that no one from the police department has been in touch with her . She said her son was driving the vehicle at the time of accident and has been in contact with apartment management about damages.

Castillo said, “My son and all the kids are okay. That’s the most important part. And they want to take responsibility for their actions.” She ended the phone call when asked how the accident occurred.

The driver could be charged with hit-and-run, Wisener said, for leaving the scene of an auto accident that resulted in injuries and property damage.

Under the Texas Transportation Code, leaving the scene of an accident that results in serious bodily injury is a third-degree felony punishable by two to 10 years in prison. Leaving the scene when there are more minor injuries can still carry a sentence of up to five years; fleeing an accident when there is property damage but no injuries is a Class B misdemeanor punishable by as many as 180 days in county jail.

A woman who identified herself as the Retreat’s general manager declined to discuss the mishap.

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17 thoughts on “Runaway driver crashes apartment pool party

  1. Sounds like they could have taken care of it that night instead of running away. Sounds like someone was drinking too much. Also sound like someone is covering up for someone.

  2. They want to take responsibility for their actions?

    Hardly. C’mon mom, step it up. It’s not too late to raise your kids right.

  3. No doubt they have a lawyer advising them. Seems like leaving the scene has become the status quo. Time to make an example out of someone.

  4. Although its not right, sometimes its better to flee the scene and sober up before dealing with it…just ask Ted Kennedy…

  5. First of all I want to say I know the family dealing with this mishap and they are good, honest, hard working people. What has happened is unfortunate. But before you start casting stones you should know all the facts. And let me tell you they will not be found in this article. Lastly, I want to say this was an accident that occurred and accidents can happen to anyone at any given time – including you.

  6. Yep. I have been in many accidents, and I always stuck around, because it’s the law, and because it is the right thing to do. I certainly wouldn’t flee the scene, potentially leaving someone behind who may have been seriously injured (or worse).

  7. The facts are pretty simple they ran because they were drunk. You got to really be screwing up to crash a truck over there. You slow down to make the turn you shouldn’t be going fast enough to do that much damage. The facts are covering up for your kids.

  8. I hate having this sort of development so close to single family housing – THE RETREAT has been nothing but noise from construction until students started partying. Check out the police blotter.

    Please remember during the City Council elections coming up that JUDE PRATHER voted in favor of this development. Early voting starts October 22 – let Jude Prather know how you feel about his decision to support this apartment complex.

  9. Put him in jail. Having been the victim of a hit and run, I have no tolerance for someone who is cowardly enough to not take responsibility for their actions. If he wasn’t drunk and it was truly an accident, why the need to flee the accident? If some truly sustained incapacitating injuries, the driver needs to be punished.

  10. Arrest the injured for obstructing justice. I say we need to increase the penalty for leaving the scene.

  11. The comments here seem pretty on target. These kids did not flee because they wanted to take responsibility for their actions. They fled because they were drunk, and they were guilty of a spectacular screw-up. And by fleeing, they’re guilty of an even more egregious crime.

    What I love is that the two passengers aren’t cooperating. That tells you everything you need to know. My dad would have killed me if I thought for a second about not cooperating with the po-po.

    It’s hard to imagine any additional “facts” that would mitigate the seriousness of this incident.

  12. Who is the mom kidding besides herself? Get real lady & stop covering up for your kid… I screwed up once while I was in college & my parents didn’t have any problem with watching me spend 4 months in jail, I deserved it.

    I agree with Tarl the the comments here. The driver needs to be punished for all of the crimes he committed, including drunk driving. Send him to prison for a couple of years to grow up. The uncooperative passengers also need to be punished to the extent of the law for blocking a criminal investigation. Sadly, I have a feeling that since these are beloved college kids that they will only get a slap on the hand.

  13. I don’t think Jude Prather is up for re-election till next year…but this and the numerous accidents at the intersections of Hughson and the Retreat and RR12 deserve serious city attention. This complex is lovely but in the wrong place, plunked down amid single-family homes. We need the apartments for students, but they don’t need to take over neighborhoods destroying them for families living nearby.

  14. I guess kids nowadays are so bored with the college experience they need to take on new sport such as truck diving. I guess if one of the passengers had passed away that they’d all be acting like smarty pants and refuse to talk to authorities. Yeah, what a good hard working family the driver represents.

  15. This place continues to be a shit-show and a nightmare for the neighbors. The latest incident involved a couple thousand people at a party, which Chase Stapp said (according to Kens 5, because it made the news in San Antonio, just not the Mercury) “took nearly every on duty officer in the city to shut the party down.”

    Kudos to everyone who voted for this. It’s every bit the gem you promised it would be.

    It occurs to me that if we didn’t keep doing stupid stuff like this, the Weatherfords and others might have had a hope of selling their property for single family development. Instead, we just make that less and less desirable, and bring more and more property owners out of the woodwork, looking for their zoning changes.

    Great forethought, that.

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