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State Rep. Jason Isaac, a Dripping Springs Republican, sought to fashion a weapon out of challenger John Adam’s signature issue, public school funding, at the San Marcos Area League of Women Voters debate on Monday.

Turning the tables on the Democrat, Isaac attacked Adams for supporting a $1.3 million reduction in the Dripping Springs school budget and testifying in support of a bill that would have allowed districts to cut teacher pay as a short-term, cost-cutting measure.

Adams angrily rebutted that the local-level cuts were made necessary by huge decreases in school funding supported by Texas House Republicans including Isaac in view of a major budget shortfall for the 2012-2013 biennium.

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9 thoughts on “Election 2012 Video: Texas State Rep Dist 45 (Jason Isaac vs. John Adams)

  1. During the debate Mr. Adams says, “It’s preposterous, in Dripping Springs we didn’t cut the budget until the state cut $5.4 billion out of public education.”
    That’s a complete lie! According to the minutes of the Dripping Springs ISD board meeting on June 17, 2010 Mr. Adams voted for and even made the motion to adopt a budget for 2010-11 that was $1.3 million less than the prior year. That was almost 7 months before Rep. Isaac was even sworn in the the legislature.
    Trying to use the Blame Bush tactic. Take some Responsibility for your actions Mr. Adams.

  2. Sounds like Adams was playing fast and loose with the factsin the debate in the same way he tried to play fast and loose with the DISD budget. Was he trying to set the stage for a political race when he was manipulating the budget at the expense of the DISD teachers pay? Doesn’t sound trustworthy to me.

  3. I would further point out that Mr. Adams also answered a citizen’s question about the school-finance lawsuits by blaming the 2011 legislature when in fact, the lawsuits are really about the 2005 and 2006 attempts to answer the Supreme Court’s rulings that prior school funding decisions were unconstitutional. Mr. Adams shows no shame in his ability to lie about Rep. Isaac’s record. Rep. Isaac was not in the legislature prior to 2011.

  4. Yes, Jeff Narvaiz, he did. The cuts were coming down the pike and everyone knew it. Rick Perry made his intentions very clear and after voting it an extremist like Jason Isaac, Rick Perry’s vision was made possible.

    Jason Isaac claims to support teachers, but apparently wants them to be paid with hot air which is all that is shown in this video. The lack of education is apparent in the district if people there would vote in a hot air salesman marketing guy rather than someone who has actual facts and intelligence behind him.

  5. Has Mr. Adams ever said what he would cut in order to increase school funding? Only two ways to balance the budget…Cut spending or raise taxes. And it appears his DS constituents aren’t real fond of tax increases.

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