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Your editor’s note on the Texas Tribune story on Senator Judith Zaffirini’s appointments by Lt. Governor Dewhurst errs when you state that “Hays County won’t be represented by any legislators with major committee chairmanships.”

In fact, Senator Zaffirini was named chair of the Committee on Government Organization, which has oversight over all state agencies and will hear all of the sunset bills this session. That includes the Texas Education Agency, Higher Education Coordinating Board, Railroad Commission, Housing and Community Affairs, Comptroller of Public Accounts and portions of the criminal justice system.

Senator Zaffirini will also continue as co-chair of the Joint Oversight Committee on Higher Education Governance, Excellence and Transparency. This Oversight Committee was appointed as an ongoing committee to protect the excellence and high quality of the state’s institutions of higher education. When appointed in May of 2011, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst stated he believes “the state’s partnership with our colleges and universities merits ongoing involvement with the Legislature − not just during Session − in order to achieve the educational excellence Texans expect and our students deserve.” That appointment provides her (Sen. Zaffirini) strong ongoing involvement in all higher education matters. Her passion for public education and higher education continues unabated and she will continue to be in an ideal position to assist the San Marcos area as well as the Texas State University System.

Provided she still continues to serve on the Senate Committee on Finance when the Lt. Governor renames senators to committees, we in San Marcos should be elated that our senator has hit the trifecta of committee chairmanships and appointments. After 26 years in the senate, we feel assured that that no matter what her committee assignments are Senator Zaffirini would be an asset to our area. But with her new appointment we feel she will still continue to be a strong force in higher education and now a leader on many other issues impacting our region.

San Marcos Mayor

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