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September 18th, 2012
Letter: Isaac offers common sense on schools funding


It is with great pleasure that I give my endorsement to Rep. Jason Isaac for re-election to the District 45 seat of the Texas House of Representatives. Rep. Isaac has shown tremendous commitment and willingness to work with his communities to learn the issues and move toward resolutions.

He is a lifetime Texas resident who has extensive knowledge of the Hays County area. He is aware of the concerns his constituency deems most important and in need of addressing immediately.

During Jason’s first term, several veterans approached him concerning the need to streamline the process by which they prove their status as a veteran, which is necessary for them to receive well deserved benefits. To rectify this problem, Jason immediately drafted and worked hard to get legislation passed, resulting in an endorsement placed on their Drivers Licenses. This is an excellent example of efficient and effective leadership.

One of the biggest issues facing our state legislature this session is education. Education is one of the founding principles of this nation as defined by our forefathers when they landed on Plymouth Rock. Throughout the previous two Legislative Sessions, our state government has failed the education system in some very important areas.

Since taking office, Representative Isaac has been devoted to learning the concerns of local school administrators and teachers at Wimberley ISD. He is passionate about the flaws in our current funding system, and shows perseverance and innovation when addressing possible solutions. Rep. Isaac is exactly the type of leader we need to take on the many funding issues and make education the focus in the 83rd Regular Legislative Session. These problems cannot be solved over night, nor can they be addressed with a single approach.

Rep. Isaac is a common sense thinker who will investigate and implement sound/equitable solutions, moving our public education system forward to meet the needs of all Texas children. He is currently working on legislative initiatives to eliminate and/or limit unfunded mandates, and is addressing the many issues/concerns and cost associated with state assessment. Addressing these two issues alone will allow districts to reallocate funds back into the classroom and to adequately compensate teachers who are instrumental in preparing our children to become successful and productive citizens.

Rep. Jason Isaac is a true conservative leader. He has acknowledged that the Texas Legislature has spent 43 percent of the total budget on education, and the fact that this system isn’t working proves that we are not currently exercising fiscal responsibility in this area.

I believe with a strong presence like Jason Isaac, the existing weaknesses we currently find in the House will cease to exist. If you want to see a representative in office that will listen to the needs of the people and stand strong against the things he believes are not in our best interests, Jason Isaac is your man.

Wimberley ISD board president

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16 thoughts on “Letter: Isaac offers common sense on schools funding

  1. Jason Isaac is in way over his head. Jason Isaac didnt vote to cut schools because of a lack of fiscal responsibility in the system, Jason Isaac voted to cut school funding because he was worried he might score badly on Texans for Fiscal Responsibilities scorecard, since the group contributed mail to his campaign in 2010 and he was already thinking about re-election. In between session happy hours of course.

    Im questioning the author’s capacity to sit on a school board. Jennifer, do you really think the system isnt working because our state hasn’t exercised fiscal responsibility? What does that mean exactly? That we havent funded our schools equitably? That we haven’t stuffed enough kids in the classroom? Haven’t cut enough music, art, theatre classes? Haven’t fully allowed our children the opportunity to ride the school bus an extra hour per day?

    Get out of Wimberley once in awhile. How is that mid-sized school adjustment working out for you? Sure hope your Jason Isaac can protect it next session.

  2. The problem is that the group that needs to be cut (Administrators) are the people that usually decide what cuts to make. So instead of cutting “Executive Assistants” or not giving a Superintendent or coach a bonus and pay raise, they cut teachers. If school districts had the courage to stop the administrator bloat, not a single teaching position in Texas would’ve been cut. San Marcos succeeded, but “John Adams” stumbled, punted, and fired teachers.

  3. Well I am super convinced by this fact-filled and uber-specific endorsement. If we could only get more fiscally responsible people with R’s by their name in the Texas Legislature perhaps we could finally take our state back for all those liberal D’s who have had held such a chokehold over this state since the Compromise of 1877. Well done, ma’am, for pointing this out, and I am quite impressed by your ability to namedrop Plymouth Rock. Out with the Anabaptists!

    PS: I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that our state political geniuses have been failing at their duties to the public school system for far longer than the past two sessions…

  4. Jason Isaac’s first vote as a state Rep. says it all…PRESENT!!!! He went agianst the wishes of the Hays County R’s and voted present for speaker, The first vote showed he is just a puppet for the Houston and Dallas crowd. This guy has to go, he has done nothing for Hays County.

  5. I have met Mr. Isaac, and he seems like a very nice person.
    When I expressed concern that Republicans refuse to treat gay people like people, he gave me the line that he was a Fiscal Conservative and would not support the Social Conservative wing of the Republican Party. Yeah, right!
    Then I saw a list of his accomplishments recently, and he seems very proud of his efforts to insure the “integrity of the vote” with the Voter ID laws and requiring women to have an ultrasound before an abortion.
    Isaac has signed the “Taxpayers Protection Plan” from the Americans for Tax Reform (Grover Norquist) and put it on his website. He states on his website that Texas is facing an 18 Billion dollar shortfall, and all we need are “… leaders who know how to balance a budget, make payroll, create jobs and live within their means.”
    He says he will support education, but states, “The appraisal cap on property taxes must be reduced from 10% to 3%.”
    This guy is in the pocket of the Tea Party and is more concerned with illegal immigration and an invasion by the federal government than doing what is best for the people of Texas.

  6. I’m not a big Isaacs fan but he and I do tend to get together on some of the issues….

    Voter ID laws are a great idea and should have been implemented long ago. The gap between actual “voter disenfranchisement” and “proving you are who you say you are” is pretty wide.

    The appraisal cap on property taxes is another good idea. Capping the burden placed on property owners does NOT mean that he doesn’t “support education”. The problems facing school funding, as Griffin noted above, are as much the product of wasteful spending habits as they are the tax base. But then, that’s the problem with government as a whole, isn’t it? Our government can’t live within its means; and one side (at least purportedly)wants to solve the problem by controlling spending while the other side wants to increase revenues and just keep spending away.

    Finally, I would argue that dealing with illegal immigration and an invasion of the federal government are both things that *are* best for the people of Texas. Set aside the partisan talking points memos for a minute and think for yourself.

  7. Sorry Mr Rick Bowen but Jason Isaac never said he would not support the social conservative platform of the Republican party. Although I see you did not put it in quotes. Nevertheless he never said it.

  8. Mr. Isaac said it to me when he was running. It is perhaps not his exact words, but it was certainly the impression he gave me. He also made the age old favorite quote of keeping government “out of peoples’ bedrooms.” What he didn’t say was that he believed in the equality of all people to receive the same benefits under the law. He didn’t say that he believed in a woman’s right to birth control and an abortion. He had no solutions for lots of problems.

  9. I would say she is endorsing the fox as the guard for the henhouse. It may be that Jason Issaacs supports Wimberley keeping all its tax money and not giving up funds to districts with lower property tax revenues. I doubt I will support his plan for financing public education. I appreciate her boldness, I won’t vote for her candidate. I will keep me kids in San Marcos CISD. We are happy with the district. Please don’t tell me who my school board president’s preferred candidate is.

  10. Really that first vote does say it all. Sure he supported a few decent things but nothing directly for Hays County, name one thing he has done for Hays County? The Dallas and Houston crowd already get enough support, we need someone that will support the people that voted him, the citizens of Hays County!!!

  11. I have a real problem with the duplicity of Democrat candidate John Adams. I could never vote for anyone who claims to be for education when he fired teachers to balance his budget without making the cuts to administrators first.

  12. I guess it really comes down to results.

    Jason has done nothing directly for the folks of Hays County.

    Can anyone name one thing he has done for Hays County?????

  13. Do you want a representative who is going to defend and support the Constitution of the United States of America or one who has signed a pledge to support Grover Norquist? We need a leader in District 45, not a puppet for a Washington DC lobbyist. Think about it.

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