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San Marcos Police Chief Howard Williams stepped into a city council meeting this evening to ask mayoral candidate Thomas Prentice to yield the floor after his speaking time had expired.

After Prentice had spent his allotted three minutes in part to denounce recently proposed residential subdivisions in eastern San Marcos, Mayor Daniel Guerrero told Prentice that he had used all his time and that he could not continue his comments.

At every council meeting, citizens can sign up to speak on the subject of their choice during a designated public comment period. Prentice began his remarks by chastising city council member Kim Porterfield for an earlier exchange in the meeting when the council member corrected a critic on what Porterfield called errors of fact.

By the time Prentice made it to his prepared remarks against Walton Development’s plans, the fuse on his three minutes was burning fast.

“You’re time’s actually up, sir,” Guerrero said.

“May I continue?” Prentice asked.

Guerrero told him he could not.

“Do you want to get into this, sir?” Prentice yelled several times, getting louder with each repetition. Guerrero repeated that his time had expired. Prentice paused for a moment and then stepped away from the podium as Williams and an officer approached and asked him to stand down.

Williams and other police command staff typically attend city council meetings and at least one officer is stationed in the City Hall lobby during regular council meetings. A larger-than-normal contingent of officers were on hand for tonight’s meeting, however, to hear council’s consideration of new labor contracts for police officers and firefighters.


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66 thoughts on “Heated exchange at San Marcos council meeting (with video)

  1. Go Prentice rock the house. If you would try you could beat the mayor, he’s a poster child for DEMOCRATS.

  2. There are many hispanics that will not longer support him, He’s called a coconut, (dark on the outside and want s to be white in the middle). He has broke all of his promises to hispanic house holds the strongest being the south side. He tells republicans he is as well so that they will vote for him, a total lie, he’s a democrat. I heard he still lives with his mother. At his age he should have done something more with his life, not mooch off his folks, and the city.

  3. Voter for the record….it is my brother who lives with me not my mother.

    If you have any issues that you would like to discuss directly with me and not through a blog posting you are welcome to call me directly at the number listed below or come by my home or office to meet with me in person.

    Daniel Guerrero
    (512) 618-8341

  4. It scares me to think that some people can be so ill-informed – at the local level, no less – and still be (pardon the phrase) voters.

  5. The Mayor apparently didn’t listen to me the other night. He is pointing out “A Distinction Without a Difference” so I guess he flunks the pop test.

    The Mayor’s defensive and surly manner in responding to this citizen’s post is exceeded only by his controlling, dismissive, contemptuous, and manipulative authoritarian personality.

    What contempt in condescendingly demanding that the citizen call the Mayor.

    I wrote several letters to the Mayor and the only time he responded was about 8:30 the night of the filing deadline when he called me ostensibly to reply to one of my letters.

    I asked him if there was any reason he was calling that particular night. “Oh, no, Mayor sez, “I just wanted to respond to your letter, I just received it today”. A bit later there was a pause in the conversation. “Have we ever met?” Mayor asks. “Have I ever…offended you in any way?”

    “No, Mayor”, I responded, “we have never met and you have never offended me,” I responded. “That is why I asked earlier if there was any reason for you to call tonight?” Silence. Busted!

    There have been several opportunities for the Mayor to introduce himself to me, but only when he was forced to when the Board of Realtors sat him down next to me at the “debate” did he ever introduce himself, officiously addressing me as “Doctor Prentice”. I said, “I’m just Thom Prentice”.

    It was striking that the Mayor seemed to take it so personally that I filed to run for Mayor. I guess he thought he was ***entitled*** to a free ride in a Soviet-style election.

    His solicitous concern in that initial telephone conversation about whether he had offended me is also striking, because if he hadn’t offended me before, he sure offended me as well as Constititutional Rights and Western Politeness Rituals at Council the other night. But then he apparently didn’t care as much as he did on filing night.

    The Mayor has yet to respond to any of the other letters I have sent to Mayor, Council and Planning and Zoning Commission. What does that say about the Mayor’s character?

    Upon election as Mayor, I will respond to any letter a citizen writes to me, addresses and to which is affixed a U.S. Postal Service stamp.

    Mayor, if you have any questions, please give me a call.

    Thom Prentice

  6. It’s even scarier that some people are allowed to run for office.

    They should at least check that all the screws are tightened before they put people out there who end up doing nothing but embarrassing themselves, the City, and the entire American political system.

  7. Please keep it up folks, this is brilliant…well, except for you Voter. You seem like an insipid cretin who would be better off keeping your small-minded thoughts to yourself.

  8. I disagree with a majority of Voter’s comments but I do agree that Mr. Guerrero has disappointed a number of Hispanic community members. But having one Mexican on the dais is better than having no Mexicans on the dais…we all just have to grow up and move on.

    My issue with this article is that it does not report that Mr. Guerrero allowed the speaker before Mr. Prentice to continue after his time had elapsed. My question is why did one speaker get to continue and another speaker didn’t not… Is it because Mr. Prentice is the mayor’s opposition?

    Brad, if you are going to post inflammatory articles, please post all the facts…


  9. Why does it have to be a “Mexican on the dais”?

    Personally, I prefer strong, level-headed leadership for my town, county, state, country, etc. The color of the candidate’s skin is WAAAAAYYYY down my list of reasons to vote for someone. I would think (hope) that it would be that way for everyone. I guess we’re not to that point yet, though.

    Since Pandora’s box has been opened…..please do tell what specific issue(s) has Mr Guerrero “disappointed a number of Hispanic community members” on? For that matter, what specific issues face Hispanic community members in San Marcos that don’t face all residents of this town?

  10. City Council and the Mayor should not ever have to go through anything like that again. That was ridiculous.

  11. Taylor raised an interesting issue. Were any other speakers allowed extra time? If so, why was Mr. Prentice held to the 3 minute rule while others were not?

    Can’t speak for this meeting, was not there. But I’ve seen similar behavior in Commissioner’s Court, where one party was allowed extra time, and others held to the 3 minute allotment. (not under Judge Cobb, prior courts)

  12. I too am interested in learning about how the mayor let down Hispanics in this town. What was to happen on the south side that didn’t? Where else did he fall short in your estimation?

    Yet Dano brings up a good point. If we’re ever to reach that post-racial Nirvana we all hope to achieve someday, it won’t happen if people elect dark-skinned individuals primarily to take extra special care of dark-skinned individuals.

    And what, might I ask, is the difference between being white on the inside and being brown? And here I thought the only differences were on the outside.

  13. I don’t agree with the argument that we should have “Mexicans” on the city council, but I do think we should have more diversity.

    The city council should reflect the demographics and economics of our city. We should have an African American, more Hispanics, and maybe even an Asian American… and all of these individuals should be from different backgrounds.

    This might be a shock to some but not all of us live in Willow Creek, Castle Forest, Tanglewood, or the Spring Lake Hills neighborhoods, nor do we have the time or resources to spend all of our time at “rodeos, design charrettes, workshops, or public hearings.” Some of us have to take care of our children, work multiple jobs, and make ends meet. That’s why we elect people to represent us.

  14. I wish that pejoratives like “Coconut” wouldn’t be hurled at the Mayor. Lets talk issues, facts, reality and stuff.

  15. I love first time candidates, it never takes them long to step on that first banana peel.

    I’m sure Thom Prentice has good ideas for the city, the problem is that this outburst makes him look like a wingnut and because of that some won’t take him seriously. His message will fall on deaf ears.

    Not all press is good press Mr. Prentice

    Thom, I’m not saying you are a wingnut you just look like one right now. I know you’ll be dying to respond to me, let it go. Stop shooting yourself in the foot, everytime you post on this blog you’re losing votes.

  16. “Upon election as Mayor, I will respond to any letter a citizen writes to me, addresses and to which is affixed a U.S. Postal Service stamp.”

    How about upon “being a citizen” you show up to public hearings with a prepared speech that makes the 3-minute mark. Its called rehearsing your speech or bringing a stop watch. Oh, but you’ve never attended important meetings so this may be a new concept to you.

    During the Sessom creek public hearing i watched the payback as the Mayor allowed citizen after citizen speak, even though the public hearing time had expired. NEVER SEEN THIS WITH ANY OTHER MAYOR. Perhaps if TP had been active recently all the way back to the 80’s he would know what a real dias which squashes voices of citizens looks like and it ain’t this one.

  17. Ditto Lisa. This blog seems to only be interested in controversy, rather than highlighting solutions. For the record, if anyone has been fair and judicous in their office the past year,it has been Daniel Guerrero, as previously mentioned, citizens have been allowed a voice on countless occasions at the dias, above and beyond the prescribed bylaws, during extremely bitter times in the chambers over large issues that face our community. Whether we all agree on something or not, i feel that fairness at city council for citizens to voice their concerns has not been stiffled by those elected to maimtain order. JLB 🙂

  18. I am tired of hearing speeches or reading Facebook status posted by any candidate. I’d like to hear the community’s interpretation of jobs in San Marcos. In the last two years all i’ve seen our city council work on or discuss is how the community can work with and not against developers.


    I am not saying this was a bad thing but when are we going to start talking about jobs? Usually we hear about a candidate knowing that “good paying jobs” in San Marcos are needed, but what have they done to bring them to San Marcos?

    Jaimy, I think it is awful what they are trying to do behind the university, but college kids come to San Marcos and they are ready to spend their parents money. Sadly they want a nice, fancy, and new apartment right next to the univesity. Unless we do something to attract new families to San Marcos, I think you should prepare yourself to see an apartment complex in your neighborhood.

    Although some of you hated the last mayor, I think she did a great job of trying to bring in jobs to San Marcos. At least with her we got a steady stream of retail jobs. Also I appreciate the sacrifice made by members of the armed forces, but not all of us our veterans. Our city council should be concerned about everyone’s needs. I am still disturbed at the comment about Mexicans.

  19. Do you think he wrote “mega-monster ginormous capitalist wall street corporation” in his “written statement?”

  20. Just got voice mail again. Don’t leave numbers you do not attend. As per my first post I meant to say brother, sorry, you still live next door to your mother. And none of the roads have been refinished as you promised when you ran the first time for mayor, you know the homes off of 123 and I-35, behind whataburger. This is the group that put you over the top against that dumb white guy Tomatos, he’s a real looser, all about him. Need more mexicans not mooching coconuts. Look at me, look at me Im so popular on facebook. I am running my campaign on education? great we elected you to help us with roads, electric, and safety, not facebook and education.

  21. Finally got the video to play on my computer and listened. Mr. Prentice, you talked about bringing in new businesses to our city, and described them as “capitalist,” among other adjectives. I may be misinterpreting your tone, but it sounded like you used the term capitalist with some disdain. Our country, while not a pure capitalist country, IS a country whose economy is a capitalist system. As someone who plans to vote in November, I’d like to know why it sounds, at least to me, that you don’t like our economic system. Also, what system would you like to see put in place instead of capitalism? If I misunderstood your comments or misinterpreted your tone, you have my sincere apologies.

  22. Jaimy & Lisa, since the Mayor isn’t responding to the question, did others at the meeting in question speak over the three minutes alloted them? Simple question; yes or no answer will be enough. But I’d rather hear from the Mayor; only took him 23 minutes to respond last time, it’s now 27 hours.

    And Lisa, setting a time limit on an issue doesn’t work very well for governmental bodies. If you wish to look at a real winner, check out the SOS debate in Austin, went on until the wee hours of the morning.

  23. Full video of the meeting is available on the city’s website. One speaker who was clearly reading from a prepared statement got the 3 minute buzzer and was allowed to finish. He got approximately 45 seconds extra.

  24. @Voter: Who you calling coconut, snowball? Oh, that’s right no one knows who or what you are cause you are too much of a coward to identify yourself. But since you are so fond of calling out others try this on for size. De este lado del Rio, todos somos POCHOS. And if you don’t like that, I suggest you head on south of the border so you won’t ever have to lower yourself to be in contact with white people or coconuts again. And if you don’t mind take your bigotry and ignorance with you because we are all full up here.

  25. Call me a coward if you will for failure to identify, but I am unable to do so at this time. I’m nobody to anybody here, for whatever it’s worth.
    I am also not Hispanic, so maybe I just didn’t feel the utter disappointment that Mr. Guerrero heaped on the Mexican community here, but I have always liked and respected him very much. There may be roads that haven’t been worked on, but there are many that have. He was very friendly and thoughtful when I brought my children to meet him at the 911 Memorial event and even gave my daughter the pin from his jacket.

    Maybe these are not the most important things in the world, but they matter to me and my family. He listens, and he genuinely seems to care.

    As to the comment recommending Melissa Derrick- all I can say is that anyone who knows this person in real life knows that this is a bad choice. There is no more narcissistic, sanctimonious, holier-than-thou candidate on the ballot, for ANY position. I am so frustrated with the way that the most unethical people in society continually get rewarded because they have money and smile at the right times.

  26. With regard to roads being fixed….has anyone noticed half this town is under construction? N LBJ (way overdue), Hopkins, downtown, Cape, etc. etc. How long has Guerrero been in office? How long do capital improvements take (planning, contracting, execution)?

    I have 4 kids – at no time are they ALL happy – but at any given time, 1 or 2 are happy. Imagine pleasing everyone in a city of 50,000. Impossible. I’m not pro- or anti- Guerrero – just realistic.

    Mr. Prentice: I will never communicate with you via US postage stamp affixed. Not because I don’t want to communicate with you, but because I work on average, 70 hours a week. Really – You want me to take 20 minutes of time from my family to write or type and print a letter, address the envelope, spend 40 cents and walk it to the mailbox? As a 41-year-old professional woman – it’s just not going to happen. At least I can email current council members without worrying that the medium of communication is unacceptable.

    Jumbopop – I don’t use my real name because of employment reasons…

    Wednesday, 20 September 2012, Dateline San Marcos, TX USA

    FOR 45 YEARS.

    “I call for an immediate halt to any City of San Marcos negotiations with Walton Development and Management Company/Walton International in a one-year MORATORIUM on taking any action whatsoever regarding Walton’s development, MUD and PID desires until the taxpayers and people of San Marcos have been fully and completely briefed, informed, and numerous public hearings conducted and the local media have the chance to investigate and publish the details.

    “The action by the Planning and Zoning Commission authorizing City Staff to “negotiate” with Walton is horrifically premature. This is a Transnational Monster Investment Corporation out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada with offices in Singapore, Japan Malaysia, Hong Kong, Toronto and Scottsdale, Arizona and holdings in Europe and has NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in the Quality of Life in Hometown San Marcos, Texas.


    “Richard Nixon always said negotiations should begin from a position of strength, not weakness. Does the City of San Marcos start out negotiations with this Transnational Monster Investment Corporation from a position of strength or weakness?

    “John F. Kennedy said “let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate.” Fair enough. But Kennedy also said “we cannot negotiate with people who say what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable”.

    “Walton, this Transnational Monster Investment Corporation, is basically saying to San Marcos: “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.”

    “I dissent.”

    – Thom Prentice

  28. You know what? Bobby Kennedy liked ANY kind of press. “Just spell my name right” he said.

  29. Dude, there has never been a “Pure Capitalist Country”. Except perhaps for Tojo’s Japan, Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy…and Communist Capitalist China or perhaps Communist Capitalist China on Wall Street. Have you ever READ Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations”? I have. Twice. How do Communist Capitalist China or Communist Capitalist China on Wall Street fit in? Edcuate me, puh-lease. I await your wisdom.

  30. In what ways has Mayor Guerrero – indeed the entire City Council — been of assistance to the 38% of San Marcos people who are poor? Or the unemployed? Or the recently unemployed? Of the people with underwater mortgages? Or the people facing foreclosure from the Big Banksters?

  31. 21 September 2012, C. E.

    Thom Prentice, Ph.D.
    213 Trestle Tree
    San Marcos, TX 78666

    Mr. Jim Nuse
    City Manager
    City of San Marcos
    630 E. Hopkins St.
    San Marcos, Texas 78666

    Dear Mr. Nuse:

    My purpose in writing is to ask that the City of San Marcos TV Channel be used prior to the election for a forum of the candidates for Mayor and City Council. Such a forum should be pro-actively well-promoted in advance on the city website, TV channel, and radio station.

    Given that there is no San Marcos public access television, and given that the city’s TV channel is paid for by the public, it would seem appropriate to use the city TV channel to inform and educate voters about the upcoming municipal election on 6 November 2012.

    As to format, frankly, I would recommend Lincoln/Douglas, but of course, not all day and all night as Mssrs. Lincoln and Douglas did in Illinois back in the day. I think there should be more elbow room in this forum because I am finding the other forums to be more of a straitjacket than genuine opportunities to ask questions, question assumptions, provoke thinking, provoke critical thinking and to stimulate conversations and authentic discourse.

    I would suggest three-minute openings and then four-minute back-and-forths Lincoln/Douglas style with a three-minute closing. An alternative would be to have a panel pose questions and students in the Journalism Department/University Star of Texas State – particular the editor of the Star — could be invited to function as the panel. A third alternative would be to have Texas State student journalists – particularly the editor of the Star — along with Mr. Short of the Daily Record, and Mr. Rollins of The Mercury along with perhaps a journalism professor, a plumber, a biologist, teacher, a small and locally-owned business owner, a nurse, person from among the 38% of San Marcos people who are poor, a person representative of the African-American community, and so forth to provide authentic diversity. In any case, I really don’t recommend a Jim Lehrer-type moderator, especially since Lehrer lost his Mojo a long time ago.

    In addition to this request regarding the City of San Marcos TV channel, I additionally request the same sort of access to the City of San Marcos Radio Station – along the same lines as the TV proposal I make, and well-promoted on the website, the TV, radio and in the news media.

    I also recommend that both the city TV station and the radio station accommodate one-on-one interviews between each of the candidates for Council and an interlocutor of their choice for, say, 30 minutes at a time, with scheduled and promoted re-runs.

    Finally, I suggest that each candidate have a “page” on the city website. After all, the Mayor and both Council Members Scott and Thomason have their own bio-pages right now but I think they and the others in the races should have separate pages for the campaign to better inform and illuminate voters in advance of the 6 November 2012 election.

    I appreciate your consideration of these requests. I will be glad to cooperate with the other candidates and with you and your staff to agree to what should be rather basic logistics.



    cc: Mayor and Council

    P.S. I also appreciate your having met with me as well as the briefings by your staff members.

  32. “very friendly and thoughtful” is NOT what is needed in a Mayor.

    Clinton “felt your pain” but added to it by repealing Glass-Steagall — the first law passed in the New Deal sponsored by CONSERVATIVE members of the Senate and House — which regulated banking after the disaster of 1929 until Clinton, Tx. Sinator Republican Phil Gramm and Wall Street repealed it in 1999.

    “very friendly and thoughtful” is something you might want in a sexual partner or for the other person in a long-term relationship. NOT a Mayor. Wake Up!

  33. Why does there have to be a “dais”? Why shouldn’t the council just meet around a table at floor level with everyone else. Why is the council/ governor/Speaker/Lt.Governor/President so “elevated”? What is the effect?

  34. Actually, I’ve been “active” back to the sixties. Civil Rights, you know. Anti-Vietnam War. Perhaps you read about both in your history classes? Eh?

  35. I have no idea how Mayor Guerrero may have disappointed “any” Hispanics let alone “many” Hispanics. I am not Hispanic. How has he benefited the human condition of Hispanics — and how has he not — would seem to be better questions to respond to.

  36. God Forbid, that ANYONE would have to reject millions of years of evolution of Homo sapiens sapiens and get off his or her butt to walk to the mailbox! God FORBID that ANYONE would have to reject millions of years of evolution of Homo sapiens sapiens to get off his or her butt to even walk! Bi-pedalism means one doesn’t have to sit on one’s butt on the couch watching mindless television all day and all night. Unless one wants to. Hey! Freedom of choice!

  37. The broader question here is one of the following: either “why selective enforcement” or “why selective indulgence?” Or perhaps both questions.

    Further, in a s’posed democracy. Are we “subjects” or are we “citizens”? Or maybe peons, peasants, campesinos, slaves, or serfs?

  38. Please, “Wingnut” is a word coined by the conservative Republican governor of Wyoming to describe the denizens of the right wing, Kris-Chun Westboro Baptist Church who went to Wyoming to picket (and abuse and bully) at Matthew Shepard’s Funeral and who now like to picket the funerals of deceased soldiers. I fit neither category, dude. Can we stick to the denotative primary definitions of English words? Or is it easier for you to namecall?

  39. Sure, I’ll respond to emails. But I’ll probably make the incoming and outgoing emails public.

  40. “Tom” need to go to the library, wander around, a check out books that are not interesting to him.

  41. Since I don’t know what T-Mac means, I pasted my news release — based on my statement to the council — above. P.S. There are such things as “synonyms”. Probably should have got that by 5th grade. Or maybe Middle School.

    Not only is this getting to be a robust discussion, it might also be revealing a crucial anti-intellectual stupidity, conceit and ego-centrism on the part of some posters. (Look it all up.) Nietzsche: “You are none of the things which you now think, do or say!”.

    Mitt Romney’s father George said he had been “brainwashed” by the (Totalitarian, Authoritarian, Lying) U.S. Military figures in Vietnam — and he WAS brainwashed. As were ALL OF US.

    Regrettably, Romney’s father was hooted, laughed, marginalized and “wingnutted” out of the 1968 race. For Telling The Truth.

    (Look it up.)

  42. Uhhh…

    And yes I get what you are saying and perhaps even agree with much of it. Sadly, I am afraid that the way you have chosen to get your message across is actually going to achieve the opposite of what you are hoping to accomplish. You remind me of those guys who used to stand at the corners of the square yelling with blowhorns about Jesus on weekend nights. Maybe they had something useful to say. It was hard to hear over their yelling. Some of my friends used to enjoy soaking them with water guns as they drove by. There’s gotta be a metaphor in there somewhere.

  43. And, yes, politicians/government do/does create jobs.

    Every hear of “volunteer military” [didja join?] Or the “champagne unit” of the Texas National Guard where Dubya ‘proudly served’? Or firefighters, or teachers, or Rick Perry’s security detail which he dragged all over the nation at taxpayers’ expense when there were absolutely NO threats to his security whatsoever except for his mouth? Those kinds of jobs? Those kinds of “Capitalist” jobs?

    Adam Smith Capitalism is where its at. NOT st Chinese Communist Capitalism on Wall Street or Chinese Communist Capitalism in San Marcos.

    Shopkeeper Capitalism. Small farm and ranch Capitalism. Locally-owned small business Capitalism. Artists and musicians Capitalism. Plumbed Capitalism. Self-employed and entrepreneurial Capitalism. That kind of thing.

    Plus, I “capitalize” “Capitalism” which makes it not an adjective, but a noun,. A Proper noun. Probably shouldda got that in elementary school. That stuff about proper nouns and such.

  44. ALSO:

    Santorum complains to social conservatives about ‘smart people’
    KRISTEN A. LEE / New York Daily News
    Monday, September 17, 2012

    Former presidential contender Rick Santorum told a group of social conservatives this weekend that the country’s “smart people” will never be on their side.

    The former Pennsylvania senator was railing against the American intelligentsia at the Values Voter Summit in Washington on Saturday.

    “We will never have the media on our side, ever, in this country,” Santorum said, according to video posted by Right Wing Watch. “We will never have the elite, smart people on our side, because they believe they should have the power to tell you what to do.”

    “Uhhhh…..Ricko… people don’t “believe”….smart people….uhhhh….think!”

  45. Thom might be on to something, all great leaders have had rambling manifestos.

    Wow, talk about shooting yourself in the foot over and over again.

    Everytime you post you lose votes!!!!

  46. Old Abe was on to something when he said “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  47. @ Quasai ” Hometown Girl ” Your cowardly comments are certainly amusing, as far as baseless lies can be. I only wonder, if you are a paid surrogate, or perhaps a ghost councilwoman that is desperately clinging to the remnants of failed and unpopular principles? Either way, lies are consumed by the light of day like bait fish in a catfish pond, just as bloviations of ignorance are disolved by truths gleaming sword! Happy Trails, the truth always stands alone, and victorious in the end:-) jlb

  48. Holy wow.
    It would seem that one so hellbent on qutoing and referring to “great leaders” would take a lesson from them and maybe climb off the sanctimony pony?! That was the most arrogant, condescending, hostile typed-up verbal diarrhea I have ever read. Coming back and reading all of that was like the old days, when I spent some time in random internet forums and some self-absorbed, pre-pubescent little puke would troll the site and just agitate everyone.
    Good luck on that there election, Prentice. I can’t tell you how many votes you just lost. I know. I should have got that one in high school…you know, EXPONENTIAL? My bad.

  49. As far as “friendly and thoughtful” not being necessary in a mayor, well…clearly that’s your viewpoint. I stated right beneath that statement that these may not be important to everyone, but they are important to me and my family.
    If there were other areas where he fell short, these would not be overwhelming saving graces, but there are not, in my opinion. And considering that the youth will be leading the nation faster than we can imagine, it IS important to me that our local leaders are approachable and friendly to my children. It actually spurred some interest and respect where there was only indifference before. Who are you to judge what is important to me? Or anyone else, for that matter?
    Your arrogance and cockiness are going to cost you what you seem to be fighting for with every ounce of your energy.

  50. at Hometown girl – first you attack the viable candidate Melissa Derrick for, “I am so frustrated with the way that the most unethical people in society continually get rewarded because they have money and smile at the right times.” And, than attack another for not being palatable enough. Do tell, what is “just right.”

    The county just voted themselves raises, good to know the Mercury readers are so engaged with T.P.

    He’s not trying to get your votes….get it….

    Consider who is really the one smiling and getting what they want.

  51. For the last year Melissa Derrick has worked tirelessly for the citizens of San Marcos as they fought to protect themselves from the the loss of property values and quality of life that results from placing apartment houses next door to established family neighborhoods. Melissa Derrick is committed to a future San Marcos that includes healthy family neighborhoods in the core city. I will proudly cast my vote for Melissa.

  52. @ Jiamy L. Breihan
    What in the world did I lie about? I stated some opinions and a couple of anecdotal personal experiences. I cannot imagine how I offended you, unless you are just that defensive of this blowhard fool or Melissa Derrick, and just felt the need to come to their rescue from my personal opinions.
    I wish that I could lay it all out for everyone to see, but unfortunately I can’t do that. Judge me, bully me, whatever. It doesn’t matter. You will learn about them both in due time.

  53. Judge, bully, whatever, as long as you defame Melissa with baseless slander, you will be the affectionate focus of my passionate attention! Happy Trails Dear 🙂 jlb

  54. Way to win votes, Mr. Prentice. Keep insulting potential voters (“Probably shouldda got that in elementary school. That stuff about proper nouns and such.”), that’s sure to get them to change their minds and vote for you. Hope you’re practicing your concession speech, if you have enough class to make one.

  55. Thom is fully aware of the essence of the new blood rich folks buying / selling out this town in his descriptive words “controlling, dismissive, contemptuous, and manipulative authoritarian personality”. Wake up and realize this town is now even more severely overpopulated and has too much construction, not enough jobs and the square has been sold out to frat bars. The university and trout don’t care about how they are screwing up the town and should not be constantly catered to also why does Landry’s Restaurant show up as the owner of all their property? The fact that North LBJ has been in such disrepair for so many years and they are making plans to build overpasses is shameful. Who cares if the neighborhoods and students have to get expensive car repairs? This town needs more industrial companies if we want more jobs instead of more construction work or low paying service industry jobs.

    For fair discussions: Mercury should show user’s IP addresses under their names so that we can tell if the politicians are making fake usernames for comments 🙂 (I know they do this for a fact)

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