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September 10th, 2012
Letter: Adams ‘won’t make further cuts to education’


As a former school board president in College Station now living in Austin, I met John Adams in a statewide leadership program for school board members. John served on the Dripping Springs school board, and he is a candidate for state representative in District 45.

John Adams knows that an educated electorate is the basis of our democracy, and he knows that public education is the path to economic success. Unlike his opponent, he will make education a priority. Unlike his opponent, he will not make further cuts to education.

The legislative effort to continue cuts to public education is unconscionable. My grandchildren in public schools deserve better. So do yours.

John’s experiences give him unique insights and solutions to what needs to be done. Special interest groups who have given up on public education must be stopped. John is the solution.

I urge you to vote for John Adams.


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2 thoughts on “Letter: Adams ‘won’t make further cuts to education’

  1. is this sb8 stuff a joke?

    the published pdf of his comments make perfect sense — and the bill didnt even pass! you embarass yourself w such trolling

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