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Anticipating huge, rowdy crowds on the eve of the Texas State football home opener, San Marcos police ramped up their numbers Friday and were prepared to call in more officers if necessary.

As it turns out, the crowds were huge but they were not particularly rowdy.

Officers working the overnight shift were “absolutely flabbergasted at how few problems there were,” San Marcos police Cpl. Wayne Casteel said this morning. “They said downtown stayed busier than anyone had ever seen it before, but everyone behaved themselves pretty damn good.”

Thousands of partygoers flooded downtown streets starting Friday evening and stretching into the early morning ahead of today’s game versus Texas Tech.

Police are reluctant to divulge how many officers patrol the city at any one time. But Casteel said additional officers are on the job throughout the weekend, to help control traffic and handle the fights and disturbances that usually come with sports revelry.

Last night, however, officers were floored by the lack of fights and unruly parties, even compared to a typical weekend.

“There were two loud party calls over the entire town. There were a few fights but nobody really hurt to speak of. It’s been absolutely unrealistic,” Casteel said.

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12 thoughts on “Police ‘flabbergasted’ at well-behaved football fans

  1. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a substantial number of TSU students. I found them to a one, honest, civil and courteous. Gives me hope for the future.

  2. The 30,000 may have been well behaved in a legal sense, but they completely trashed the place. And by that, I mean there wass more trash per square foot from the stadium to the coliseum to the river by city park than any of us who have lived here for 20 years have EVER SEEN. So much TRASH that still wasn’t being picked up yesterday afternoon. Who is taking care of THAT??? There was good cause to have law enforcement prepped and ready for the crowd that nearly doubled our population but who is responsible for cleaning up the mess afterward? The City of San Marcos? Or TX State? It sure wasn’t the idiots who trashed the place.

  3. Well behaved, indeed. Check out this pic, just one example of the acres of trash left behind. I am sure there were a lot of sober adults leaving all of this trash behind and getting out on the roads of San Marcos.

    Poor planning? Not enough trash receptacles? Lazy, trashy out-of-towners?

    You decide.

  4. Why wont the police say home many they have working at any one time? Sounds like someone is trying to hide something to me.

  5. I heard there were not enough trash cans, or that trash wasn’t picked up enough. Interestingly, some other tailgate areas with even fewer trash cans, and no trash pickup that I saw, were comparatively spotless afterward.

    I don’t know the answer, but I do know that all of the spots in that picture were “reserved” and paid for, so someone knows who left that stuff behind. People ought to be able to clean up their areas. We did.

  6. Also, it was actually worse in person, than that picture makes it look, if you can believe that.

    Definitely something the university needs to work on.

  7. TxState is one of the more littered campuses I’ve ever walked on. But then, the city also has a lot of litter. We seem to be aesthetically challenged.

  8. I knew ya’ll would have something to say. lol

    I’m glad Texas State still has it’s reputation as a party school and not a football school.

  9. The police have about 90 officers. Like most departments half are administration investigators and support roles. So you have 45 officers for patrol. SMPD is on 12 hour shifts so divide that by 6 shifts to cover every day and you have 7 to 8 officers working on the patrol side depending in hour overlap times you could have 14 to 16 depending on the hour of the day. Not enough I but the OT bill was high.

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