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The Hays County Commissioners Court on Tuesday named Fire Marshal Mark Chambers as its interim Emergency Management Coordinator and announced a process for filling the position permanently.

Chambers had served as emergency management coordinator concurrently as fire marshal from 1999, when he joined the county, through 2005. On Tuesday, the court accepted the resignation of Jeff Turner, who held the EMC position since 2006.

“This position works closely with fire and EMS departments, law enforcement, school districts and elected officials throughout Hays County and we want their input as we go through the selection process,” said Pct. 3 Commissioner Will Conley. “These are the people who manage emergencies on a daily basis for our residents and know the background and training needed to handle this critical county-wide position.”

Under the Texas Disaster Act of 1975, the county judge of each county and the mayor of each city are responsible for disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery for their jurisdictions and have the authority to appoint a coordinator to assist them. The emergency management coordinator oversees response to and recovery from disasters, training for local disaster and shelter operations and management of the County’s Emergency Operations Center.

Turner joined Hays County as assistant emergency management coordinator in 2005 and became the coordinator in 2006 when the emergency management duties were separated from the Fire Marshal’s Office.

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4 thoughts on “County’s emergency management coordinator resigns

  1. Here is a tip Mary. Get on the press release list for the county, the city and the school district. Then compare the stories with those to the local papers. That will be your answer. With the exception of a few stories from here to there, still slanted, that is where most of the published news originates in our community. Pretty sad. We were running a paper online for a while San Marcos News Live…and then the summer took hold. Point of order, we don’t monetize off of press releases. Thanks for the research link. Quite shocking and sad. Now that did not come out during the recent county primaries now did it?

  2. Which office destroyed material they were to keep, and what exactly was destroyed?

    Not very concerned about keeping things too long.

  3. If this was a “critical county-wide” position, why was it not publically and politically supported? And where in the county is the “Emergency Operations Center”? How come after all this time with this individual in position, did the county residents not know that we had a center to phone into during crisis? It would be nice, from a long standing resident, to know in the future that our county has these capabilities and facilities ran by coordinators with such specific training to handle all emergencies.

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