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Detail of LBJ Drive, Hutchison street intersection


Seven years after voters approved bonds for part of the work, construction will soon be in full swing on the first phase of major overhaul of prominent downtown streets and sidewalks.

Last month, the San Marcos City Council awarded a construction contract to Pflugerville-based RGM Constructors of Texas LLC for the first phase of the $10.2 million project.

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10 thoughts on “Major downtown reconstruction project starts this month

  1. Backin parking. What a concept. If an auto backs into a parking space, it magically gets smaller.

  2. There is back-in parking on South Congress between Oltorf and Riverside. I think its great for Austin (especially Congress) because the amount of cars on that street and because the speed limit is somewhat higher (50mph). Before back-in parking, it was impossible to back out of a spot. I dont know how good this is for San Marcos…Ive never really had trouble backing out of a spot on LBJ. There are stop lights to protect you, and a 30mph speed limit helps.

  3. How many lanes of traffic will LBJ have?
    I can see how back-in parking makes it safer for bikes when the vehicle is pulling out, but I’m a little concerned about the sudden stopping/backing in but everyone (cyclists and drivers) will get used to that I suppose….but anything else besides rack that makes it “bike friendly”?

  4. I have a small car, so backing out downtown is a little difficult – I can’t see anything over the big trucks and SUVs. Perhaps the new parking will make it easier and safer to exit a parking spot for us car drivers. We’ll find out next year : )

  5. So how do you get your vehicle into back in parking? No matter how you angle the spots, at some point in the parking event, you back up.

    As for the South Congress parking, last couple of times I walked that portion of S. Congress I noticed a lot of vehicles that did not/could not back in properly. Just my personal observation.

  6. Maybe this was reported earlier and I missed it. If so sorry about the redundancy.

    Are those roundabouts in the middle of the intersection? Or is the compass a decorative feature on the street itself?

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