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August 15th, 2012
Letter: Susan Narvaiz best choice for CD-35


Taking care of our active military and our veterans is not a Republican issue or a Democratic issue. It is a clear American issue and must never be neglected. Such is the case for our senior citizens who have earned the right to live in safe, respectable housing and be able to afford their prescription medicine and healthcare.

The children of America deserve an education that is delivered to them in safe schools staffed by properly compensated, qualified teachers. I believe the majority of people would not argue these fundamental principles of life in this wonderful country, and indeed here in the great state of Texas.

Many current elected officials represent entrenched power and exude the notion that government exists to rule over us. The vast majority of decisions made in Washington D.C. have not been made for the protection of our rights, but instead to bend to the lobbyists influence. Liberal posture has been stamped across the House of Representatives and the Senate at the expense of our values.

Texas residents in the new District 35 need conservative leadership and rational decision making. Electing Susan Narvaiz is our pathway to ensuring each of the issues I stated earlier are pursued and protected.

Susan understands her role when she arrives in Washington D.C. in 2013. She believes strongly that the people who elect her-become her boss. She will not forget that. She has the courage to battle for constituent concerns thereby building a better Texas and an America that will be respected. She has a calm yet firm approach to discourse & debates. Her ability to articulate and apply the principles of liberty at all levels of government will make us proud. Susan has a vision of limited government, individual freedom and defending our God-given rights.

Listening to the rhetoric of our current administration during the past 3 years has been mind-numbing and embarrassing. I am closing with a challenge for you. Please attend one of Susan’s Meet & Greet events with an open mind and an alert ear. You will be moved and your vote for Susan this November will get us moving in the right direction.


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9 thoughts on “Letter: Susan Narvaiz best choice for CD-35

  1. Don’t forget to carefully evaluate her record with regards to her tenure as Mayor of San Marcos.

    It may hurt her chances of getting elected.

  2. Alan, Susan Narvaiz has demonstrated she does not think for herself but rather parrots the talking points of a large number of conservative politicians and citizens when she says she supports senior citizens or any citizen being provided affordable healthcare yet she opposes the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

    Why would anyone who needs healthcare oppose fixing our out of control market-based private healthcare system? The Affordable Care Act should have been a single payer system in my opinion but I support any improvements over the enormous dysfunctional debt making system we have had to live and die with for decades.

    Just a little education goes a long way and Susan Narvaiz will have to address each and every fact about the Affordable Care Act to convince me she has a better alternative. Here are a few areas she might address to the public:

    The Affordable Care Act guarantees that consumers who buy insurance in the private market have a greater percentage (80%) of their premium dollars go to care than go to administration and overhead. By the way, we received a reimbursement check a week ago from Blue Cross Blue Shield for them not meeting that requirement because of this guarantee.

    The Affordable Care Act prohibits insurance companies from imposing lifetime dollar limits on essential benefits, like hospital stays.

    Over 6 million people in Texas have benefited from the Affordable Care Act.

    The Medicare “donut hole” is the description for health care coverage that falls between prescribed coverage limits and catastrophic coverage thresholds – essentially, the gap between only being a little sick and very sick. The Affordable Care Act helped shrink this hole by reimbursing prescription drug coverage for 103,000 seniors through 2011 alone. The average Texas senior saved $565 from fixes to the infamous Medicare “donut hole.”

    Texas corporations like AT&T and Southwest Airlines received $425 million from the federal government to make early retiree health coverage more affordable.

    Over 4,000 Texans have enrolled in the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, a health care plan created by the Affordable Care Act that makes health insurance available to those who are denied coverage by private insurance companies because of a pre-existing condition. **There’s more about this further down.

    More Texans will receive health care coverage because of the Affordable Care Act.

    The Consumer Assistance Health Program, helps protect consumers from some of the worst practices in the insurance industry.

    The Affordable Care Act allows young adults to stay on their parent’s coverage until the age of 26. Nationally, 2.5 million young adults gained health insurance with this change and over 149,000 in Texas.

    In Texas, only 51.1% of our non-elderly population receives health care coverage through an employer. How does this rank us nationally? 47th! How many states in the union….

    Over 6 million people in Texas are uninsured. Only 74% of our state has health insurance. However, under the Affordable Care Act, 91% percent of Texas’ population to state officials will expect to have health insurance.

    **Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Diabetes, Asthma, Cancer or being a newborn child can no longer be a reason (preexisting conditions) for insurance companies to deny coverage.

    If you have a new health insurance plan or insurance policy beginning on or after September 23, 2010, over 60 preventive services, such as, Blood pressure screening for adults, Obesity screening and counseling for all adults, Type 2 Diabetes screening for adults with high blood pressure, Cervical Cancer screening for sexually active women, Well-woman visits to obtain recommended preventive services for women under 65, Breast Cancer Mammography screenings every 1 to 2 years for women over 40, Autism screening for children at 18 and 24 months, Developmental screening for children under age 3, and surveillance throughout childhood and Hearing Screening for all newborns, and must be covered without your having to pay a copayment or co-insurance or meet your deductible – if these services are delivered by a network provider.

    The Affordable Care Act provides small business tax credits that cover up to 35% of the employer’s contribution to the employees’ health insurance.

    Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, health insurers and group health plans will provide the summary of benefits and coverage and the uniform glossary to consumers. These are easy-to-read explanations of your health care coverage.

    Yet Susan Narvaiz strongly supports Social Security and Medicare which are not free market alternatives but government run. This enforces my impression that she seems to be reading from a script instead of thinking the issues all the way through. Her positions and views on taxes, education and immigration also confirm this.

    Alan, when you say “Liberal posture,” I think of a row of sailors standing at attention on the deck of an aircraft carrier. 🙂

    Speaking of rhetoric (you say that like its a bad thing), from our “current administration” ahem, you mean the Black man who is President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama’s administration? You use key words and phrases like – principles of liberty (which principles, which liberties? Civil Liberties?), limited government (like getting rid of social security and medicare?), individual freedom (every man for himself? every gun for a man?), defending our god-given rights (Which god? Which rights? What happened to Constitutional rights?). They are broad in meaning and oft repeated without substance following them. It makes me a bit skeptical of anything that you might say.

    My support goes to Lloyd Doggett who has done more for seniors, veterans and Texans in general than any past Texas Representative. Also, due to the political gerrymandering of redistricting, he may have served more Texans than any past Representative.

  3. While I appreciate your opinion Alan, I will have to say “No” to Susan Narvaiz. While she was Mayor of San Marcos she was a panderer for votes often using our tax money to gain support, a huge spender especially on any project that benefited her friends and political contributors and always seemed to be for sale to the highest bidder. Sending her to D.C. repeats this behavior on a grand scale.

  4. I’ve always known Susan to be a strong, effective, and attentive advocate for the people she represents.

    As for her record in San Marcos – she should be proud of her service. Did everyone always agree with everything she did? Nope. But you’ll never get everyone to agree on everything – even in San Marcos.

    In the choice between the long-time Washington insider or the long-time Local, I’ll pick Susan.

  5. In The Mix
    This is Good Stuff Mr. Rollins and appropriately named! Thanks to all who respond as I firmly believe all opinions have value of some sort. I also believe the next 80+ days will be adequate time for voters to study these two candidates, both of whom WON their long and strenuous Primary races against candidates that brought challenges to them while “In The Mix”.
    I am clearly aware of the importance each vote will carry in this race for our 1st Representative in Texas CD 35-and made my choice long ago. Proudly “In The Mix” through November 6th!

  6. Our humble ex-mayor does not stand a snowball’s chance against Lord Doggett, who has proved himself more than formidable in protecting his fiefdom so he may stand shoulder-to-shoulder alongside the other righteous and honorable paragons of virtue that make up our political aristocracy.

    Now what was his quote when they were working on gerrymandering last spring and his district was in doubt? Something along the lines that he would live in a travel trailer if need be – now that is someone obviously intent on serving his “community” and not simply hooked on the crack that is power, right? (on a side note, I wonder how many of his “constituents” can even name him off the top of their heads; around 30% if I were to hazard a guess). All hail the ruling class! All hail ignorance! All hail complacency! All hail mindless entertainment!

    On one more side note, I would really enjoy “small government Susan” to openly discuss her involvement with Good Hair Perry’s Trans-Texas Corridor machinations. Nothing says small government and liberty quite like massive eminent domain land takeovers, now does it? Gotta love these choices, eh?

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