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The Texas State football team held its annual media day on Sunday afternoon at Bobcat Stadium. Coaches and players took part in team, individual and group photographs before head coach Dennis Franchione, coordinators Mike Schultz and Craig Naivar, along with the 11 players on the leadership council met with media.

Here is Franchione’s opening statement:

This is a landmark year in Texas State football history. It is our first year in the FBS and our first and only year in the Western Athletic Conference, with the Sun Belt on the horizon. The stadium that you see nearing completion is going to be a beautiful place for our players to play in. There is so much excitement from our players, our fans, our students and our alums, with what is happening with our university, in so many ways. For me personally, it is exciting to be a part of this. I am excited for what our players are going to go through.

We are in a situation I think where year two is more comfortable than year one. It is more comfortable for our players. It is more comfortable for our coaches. We are at a standpoint where we have been through a full cycle now. Players know what I expect, they know our offense and defense systems and our means of communication. They know how we practice. They know how we run our program. They know what the expectation level is. First years are like a clean chalkboard every day. You have not been through that day together before. Year two makes it a little bit more comfortable.

Our guys reported last Sunday, so we have had a good week of practice. We started on Monday, and had our first two-a-day yesterday. We’re not practicing today, and then we will scrimmage for the first time tomorrow morning so we are kind of clinging to that to separate things out with who should be where and make some decisions on personnel and things like that.

One of the great things that has happened for us, on the Friday before our players reported, the NCAA changed some rules and we can – if eligible – qualify to go to a bowl game. I told players that I am going to a bowl, I just hope they get to go with me. I hope they qualify too, but I’m going to one no matter what.

This is a tough schedule. It is a good challenging schedule. I like the fact that we have a couple open dates in this schedule. I think that lets us heal physically, emotionally, and mentally because we will have a couple extra days off and a little extra time to prepare. We go through Dec. 1 with our schedule. This is a coast-to-coast schedule. We go from San Jose, California to Annapolis, Maryland so it’s great for our players to get to see a lot of the United States.

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