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» Hays County July 31 primary runoff election results [pdf]

UPDATED 10:03 p.m.: Glickler just joined a venerable political tradition — the Facebook concession statement.

“Folks, it has been a long race. I appreciate all the support and prayers over this long period. I will have plenty more to say at a later time. But it wasn’t meant to be. Thanks for everything so far. There will be more to come in the future,” the assistant Texas attorney general wrote in a status update.

UPDATED 9:53 p.m.: With Hays and Comal counties reported, David Glickler is 2,389 votes behind Bruce Boyer for the 22nd District Judge bench. Caldwell County has only reported early voting totals so far. But fewer than 1,500 people in Caldwell cast a ballot for 22nd District Judge in the May 29 Republican primary when it was four-man race.

We’re sticking by our call even though Glickler picked up more votes in Comal than we expected. Bruce Boyer is the next 22nd district judge, replacing the soon-to-be-retired Charles Ramsay.

UPDATED 9:34 p.m. JULY 31: Former New Braunfels Mayor Bruce Boyer easily won Comal County, the voter powerhouse of the 22nd state judicial district. With all eight Comal precincts in, Boyer won 8,120 (68.2 percent) and Glickler won 3,773 (31.7 percent).


Tea Party darling Donna Campbell rode voter discontent — and millions of dollars in negative advertising — to a huge victory on Tuesday over State Sen. Jeff Wentworth, abruptly ending his two decades in the Texas Senate.


Wentworth survived a brutal May 29 primary against former Texas Railroad Commission Chair Elizabeth Ames Jones, with both investing heavily to define the other as corrupt, complacent and/or inadequately conservative. But it was Campbell, not Ames Jones, who won a place in the runoff and benefited from a weakened Wentworth.

With 73 percent of precincts in Senate District 25 counted, Campbell has 38,220 votes (66.5 percent) to Wentworth’s 19,275 (33.5 percent). In western Hays County, Campbell won 5,589 (74.3 percent) and Wentworth took 1,931 (25.7 percent).

Campbell will face San Antonio schoolteacher John Courage, the Democratic Party nominee, in the November general election.

Meanwhile, Texas assistant attorney general David Glicker won Hays County handily but is down irreparably in Comal County, where voter turnout was more than double that of Hays.

In Hays, Glickler won 4,552 (63.7 percent) and former New Braunfels Mayor Bruce Boyer won 2,593 (36.3 percent). In Comal, with only 3 of 8 precincts reported, Glickler won 2,685 (30.1 percent) to Boyer’s 5,978 (69.9 percent). The 22nd judicial district also includes Caldwell County, which was friendly to Glickler in May but which has the smallest population of all three counties.

The sliver of far western Hays County included in Congressional District 25 went heavily for Weatherford car dealer Roger Williams who is also leading Wes Riddle across the farflung district. Williams won 62.4 percent of 3,839 votes cast in Hays County.

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4 thoughts on “Campbell takes down Wentworth; Boyer bests Glickler

  1. Won’t campaign for anyone; but I have serious concerns about Campbell’s grasp on the issues in the Texas Senate; it doesn’t have much to do with national security, military spending, etc that she touted in the primary.

  2. I’m sorry Mr. Glickler lost, though the Statesman didn’t know that until I just phoned them at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday. They only reported and considered the Hays County vote. Too bad that wasn’t the case. Aren’t we big enough to have our own judge? Anyway, I hope Mr. Glickler comes back. He’s a keeper.

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