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San Marcos council member Ryan Thomason today became the first incumbent to draw a challenger in City Hall elections this November.

The filing period for the Nov. 6 election began July 21 and continues through Aug. 20. Mayor Daniel Guerrero and council member Shane Scott filed to run for re-election on Monday, the first day they could.

Thomason, a 34-year-old contractor finishing his first term on council, and Greg Frank both signed up to seek the Place 5 seat within minutes of each other this afternoon. In his ballot application, Frank, 31, lists his profession as “assist[ing] in operation of local business” and says he has lived in the city for about seven years.

The city council will formally call the election by August 20, pending final approval of early voting polling places by the Hays County Commissioners. Council members have also raised the possibility of putting a nonbinding referendum on the ballot that will ask residents if the city should buy property along the San Marcos River to expand its parks system.

Early voting for the election will be held from October 22 through November 2. Election Day is Tuesday, November 6 in conjunction with federal and state elections.

For more information, visit the City’s election page here.

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11 thoughts on “Incumbents, sole challenger file to run in San Marcos City Council election

  1. The University Star has a reference to a Greg Frank as an “agriculture business and management senior” who spoke in support of a plastic bag ban. Could be the same person.

  2. Why should we re-elect Mr. Scott for City Council when he does not even make copies of his travel receipts? I have some pretty scathing open records data. Anyone who works for a state agency would be fired quicker than their head could spin if they submitted a memo in lieu of his travel receipts.

    I ran his campaign last time around. Maybe this year he actually knows were Victory Gardens neighborhood is located. Im scourging his campaign reports. See Mayor Susan gave him $500.00 and he lied to his campaign team about it.

    NO PLASTIC BAG BAN….what a joke….

  3. LK

    Apparently they do since lost with almost 5 THOUSAND votes IN 2008 and in a runoff by 258 in 2009. More ballots cast for me than the current Mayor. Does anyone take people who don’t use their real name seriously? And, since the papers report zippo of the good work we do, its not surprising. SMDL would not even run a bio the two years I ran. Haters r gonna hate. Do you do anything for our community besides take anonomous swipes ?

  4. And since we were the first city in the nation to overturn an RFID ordinance, yes, they take me pretty seriously NATIONALLY as a privacy expert too LK.

    Why don’t you step up and run against those with deep pockets.$$ ? CHICKEN????

  5. LMC,

    Your inconsistent positions regarding government intrusion into our lives confound me somewhat. Just above, you preach support for a ban on plastic bags….but then you boast of your role in overturning a law requiring pets to be chipped.

    So do you want more government or less government? Or is government intrusion only OK when it’s to support a cause you personally believe in?

  6. LMC, if you had more votes then the current mayor, then you are a shoe in, just run for mayor and show us your great leadership traits you boast about……whos the CHICKEN NOW?

  7. I actually do quite a lot for the community, thank you, via my full-time job.

    My point is that you never seem to have anything positive or optimistic or pleasant to say about anything. Every post of yours that I’ve ever seen has you claiming to have inflammatory information or evidence against something or someone – yet I’ve never seen you actually provide any of this information or evidence.

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